French Apps

There are many great educational apps out there for kids to help direct their screen time towards learning versus game playing.  Here are just a few apps I have come across for the iPad.  Many of these will also be available for Android tablets.  ( I have not tested any of these apps yet but these come recommended from a teacher here at the school).

French Apps:

▪                Francais Lite – iTooch BAses du francais – Various grammar concepts presented in French.

▪                Projet Voltaire – Students must try to find the errors in the sentences.  These sentences are best suited for students with a strong grasp of French grammar rules.

▪                100 Questions – 100 Orthographe – Various grammar concepts presented in French with explanation of an errors made.

Book Creator:

A great app used to create e-books using photos, voice clips, video clips, and much  more.

Pic Collage:

A great way to combine pictures together in a collage.  This is also a great way to create an interesting page to include in e-books.


This is the National Film Board of Canada app.  There are a lot of great films and shorts for kids made by Canadians.

4 Pics 1 Word:

Four pictures are displayed and you must find the common word which matches all of the pictures.

Khan Academy:

Various tutorials about concepts including Science, Math, and Humanities.


▪                Maths Lite – iTooch Bases de Maths – Various Math concepts presented in French.

▪                TanZen Lite – Use tangram shapes to create a new shape.

▪                Super 7HD – Work on your mental math skills of addition adding numbers to the                desired total.

▪                Hands-On 1 – Solving algebraic equations by balancing the formula.

Sudoku – This teaches the use of logic to fill in the grid.


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