Ways to help your child

This blog post is regarding the dictée and how you can best support your child.  I realize that many of your do not speak French and for these activities you don’t need to.  You just need dedicate the time to help support your child with his/her work.

It is important that your child work on his/her dictée each night in order for him/her to develop a good understanding for French phonics, as well, to memorize the correct spelling for French sight words.  It is an expectation that both Grade 1 and Grade 2 students have a good amount of French sight words memorized.


  • have them type words/sentences on the computer using different fonts
  • scramble up the letters in the word and get your child to unscramble
  • if you have a easel or white message board
  • play hang man (guessing game)
  • making words using different materials (playdough, noodles, different felts, cutting out letters from words in newspapers)
  • making a word search-use www.puzzlemaker.com
  • use a highlighter and get them to highlight sounds they know
  • “painting words” with this website: http://www.abcya.com/abcya_paint.htm
  • letting your child practice writing his/her words using fancy pens or gel pens

I realize the Grade 2s have sentences, however there can be some tricky words in the sentences.  Isolate the words your child is having trouble with and use the strategies above.

All these activities will be more engaging and will hopefully encourage your child to practice more at home.


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