French Immersion information

Hello Parents,

This page is dedicated to you!  I hope you find this page helpful for your journey with your child in the French Immersion program.

I found this great parent guide from the Delta School District.  It is a wonderful list of FAQ for parents in the French Immersion program.  I would write my own but this one is very indepth and pretty much hits all the major points!  Please take a look because it might help you too!

Here are some more helpful tools for you:

  • Online French/English Dictionary:

  • Online French pronunciation support.  This is a great website (but I have been having troubles opening it in Safari but it works great in Firefox).  Select a voice, the default is English but scroll down to a French voice.  The type the text you want to hear in the box, then hit “say it”. To be safe type only 1 or 2 words rather than a paragraph.

  • Here are two simple guides to help you with French sounds.  It gives an English equivalent for the French sound.  Print one of these PDF documents to have on hand when your child is reading.

Code for French sounds

How to say French sounds

  • Here is a guide for how to type the French accents into Word documents for both Mac and PC.

accents Mac and PC


One thought on “French Immersion information

  1. Hi, Dear Mrs. Rode,
    very nice to meet you here!
    I like your website, how lucky that Jay can join so wonderful classroom with so greatful teacher in Nov since we moved to richmond.
    wellcome to call me at :604-346-8855 if there is anything needs.
    Have very nice holiday!

    Your Truly,
    ~Susan Qin (Jay Tian’s Mom)

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