Dictée letter to parents

Dear Parents,

This week, Division 17 will be starting the weekly spelling program “Dictée”.  The dictée is much like a spelling program and will focus on a specific sound and grammar concept each week.

For the dictée program in Division 17, the focus will be on sentences that target a specific sound.  The purpose of the dictée is to develop an understanding for French sounds and simple French grammar rules.

Each week, there will be 2 dictées sent home targeting different levels.  Group A have 2 easier sentences and Group B has 2-3 more challenging sentences.  It is best for your child to practice sentences that are at his/her ability level. This activity is not meant to be a frustrating experience.  The goal is for your child to develop a deeper understanding for the language rather than simply word memorization.  You can choose if you want your child to do Group A, Group B or both, but please do not overwhelm your child if both groups are too much. There will also be a sight word at the bottom of the page that will need to be practiced as well.

Please have your child practice the dictée sentences for at least 15 minutes each night.

Every Wednesday, the dictée will be sent home in your child’s agenda.  It will also be posted on the blog for continued reference.  The dictée test will the following Wednesday.

Thank you for your support in helping your child learn how to spell correctly.

Mme Rode


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