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October calendar

Hello Division 17,

Here is the calendar for the month of October.  Please note that this month I will be having parent teacher conferences.  There will be 2 early dismissal days. Please make sure your child is picked up by 2 pm that day.  I will be sending home a sign up sheet in the next coming days.  Please remember that sign up is a first come first serve so please return your form promptly.

Thank you,

Mme RodeOctober 2015


Valentine’s Day and other information

Hello Division 19,

I hope you heard all about our High Tech High Touch science workshop today.  I heard that it was very exciting for the students.

As you are aware, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day.  On Friday, students who are interested, can pass out valentines to friends in the class.  Please note that if your child is to pass out cards or treats, please make sure that there is one for everyone in the class.  There are 22 students in the class.  If you need a class list, there is one posted on the blog under the Class Information page.  This page is password protected. If you have forgotten the password, I will have your child write it down tomorrow in his/her agenda.  If your child is going to pass out treats, please remember that all treats need to be nut free.

Candygrams: Mme Hayes’ class is selling candy grams for 1$ to donate money to a charity that builds wells in Africa.  If your child is interested in purchasing a candy gram, please send 1$ to school by tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the last day to purchase.

Subway: If your child is interested in participating in the Cold Lunch day (Subway) on February 18, please purchase online

Breakfast Club: This Friday is the next breakfast club at 8:15 in the gym!  See you there 🙂

Have a great evening!

Mme Rode

February Calendar and newsletter

Hello Division 19,

Here is the calendar for the month of February.  I have attached a PDF file to print off.  Also, I have attached the monthly newsletter.

A new song has been posted.  It is from Annie (It’s a hard knock life). It is under FOR KIDS (les chansons). Here is the link.  It is from the original Annie movie from 1982.

Have a great evening,

Mme Rode

Feb 2015

Mme Rode – calendar – Feb

Newsletter for February

(copy of Newsletter below)

French Language Arts

Grammar: adjectives (masculine and feminine accords), er verbs

Writing: we are focusing on non-fiction writing and learning strategies to make our writing more interesting to our readers, such as adding a hook, using questions, using adjectives and using more interesting vocabulary.

Reading: we are focusing on word attack to sound out unfamiliar words that have more than 2 syllables. Also, we will be working on adding expression to our oral reading.


We are finishing our unit on subtraction (double and triple digit). We have explored using a variety of strategies to complete number sentences. Please continue practicing at home with your child.

The next unit we will be working on is GEOMETRY. In this chapter children will be learning:

Grade 2:

  • sorting strategies (using 2 attributes) for 2D shapes and 3D solids
  • how to describe, identify, compare and construct 2D shapes and 3D solids
  • how to identify 2D shapes and 3D solids in the environment


Grade 3

  • how to describe 3D solids in terms of shapes of faces, number of edges and number of vertices
  • how to sort polygons according to number of sides
  • how to construct skeletons of 3D objects


We will be starting a unit focusing on structures. We will be having High Tech High Touch science visit the class next Wednesday. Please send $7 to cover the cost.

Social Studies

We are finishing up our unit of mapping. The students really enjoy reading maps. We are also trying to use compasses to move north, south, east and west.

Important Dates for February

  • Monday February 9- Family Day (no school)
  • Wednesday February 11- In class science workshop
  • Friday February 20- Professional Day
  • Feb 23-26- Parent/ Teacher conferences (Please return the form ASAP so I can organize a schedule)
  • Wednesday February 25- Early Dismissal 2pm

Don’t forget the French Book Fair that is happening this week after school!





L’amour est un cadeau and other information

Hello Division 19,

Here is the new song we were practicing in class today.  I will make a page for this song as well.

Also, here is some information for the upcoming week.

  • French book fair is happening all week before and after school
  • Hot Food Day is happening this Wednesday. It is for people who have already ordered online last week

The class newsletter for the month will be going out this week.  Stay tuned for any upcoming information by following the blog!

L’amour est un cadeau (link to Youtube)

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 3.10.48 PM


L’amour est un cadeau PDF version of the lyrics.

See you,

Mme Rode

Hot Food Day

Hello Division 19,

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the last day to get a free student ticket to the Richmond Sockeyes Hockey game.  Adult tickets are being sold for $2.

As well, FRIDAY is the last day to order for the next hot food day which is Wednesday February 4th. If you would like to order for this hot food day, please visit the website  No cash will be accepted day of, so please get your orders in by Friday.  The next food day is PIZZA.

Have a great evening!

Mme Rode

Backwards Day!

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Here is the text in the normal direction!  Have a great evening!

Hello Division 19,

Today we had a backwards day afternoon as our first class party. We had lots of fun saying our names backwards, reading words backwards and moving around backwards. Hope you have a great backwards evening. Fun fact for tonight, did you know that January 31 is International Backwards Day!
See you,
Mme Rode

Pumpkin Patch this week

Dear Parents,

On Thursday, we will be going to the Pumpkin Patch.  We will be leaving the school at approximately 10 am and returning back to the school by 1.

Please make sure your child has the following items for the fieldtrip:

  • warm clothing
  • rubber boots
  • 2 plastic bags, one for the pumpkin and one for the rubber boots
  • clean runners to wear on the bus back to the school  (the bus company charges us extra for a messy bus so we need to do our best to minimize the dirt in the bus)
  • small pocket sized snacks to eat at the pumpkin patch

Parents, if you are coming, please meet by my classroom by 9:55.  It would be great if you could transport the pumpkins back to the school after the fieldtrip.  Just an FYI, these pumpkins can be very muddy so please keep that in mind when you are putting the pumpkins in your car (perhaps putting a plastic sheet down or cover the surface with garbage bags to help keep your car clean).

See you,

Mme Rode

Photos of the community

Dear Parents,

Today I sent home a information paper for an at home project for our unit on community.  Here is a copy below:

As part of our community unit, I would like for the students to visit places in the community and take pictures in front of the buildings. Please take 5 pictures of your child in front of different places in the community. Here are some ideas:

  • Firehall
  • Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Ice Rink
  • Restaurants
  • School
  • Gas Station
  • Store-Food, clothing etc…
  • Church
  • Airport
  • Canada Line Station
  • Post Office
  • Police Station
  • Pharmacy
  • Community Centre
  • Bank
  • Passport Office

Please have these photos ready for Tuesday.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

Field Trip Monday!

Hello Division 19,

Today I am sending home a field trip reminder form.  Below is the exact in case the form doesn’t make its way to your house.

On Monday, we will be going on our year end field trip to 6 Pack Indoor Beach.  Please have your child bring the following items:


  • his/her booster seat (since we are using parent drivers all children will need to use a booster seat to go to the venue)
  • An easy to eat lunch such as a sandwich, a granola bar, cut up fruit or veggies, a juice box etc. Please do not send a themos lunch to school that day.
  • his/her water bottle
  • comfortable beach clothing such as shorts, a t-shirt, please no dresses or jeans (your child will be digging and playing in the sand).

We will be at the 6 Pack Beach from 11-1.  We will be leaving Anderson at 10:45 and returning at 1:30.

Parents: if you are driving please be at the school no later than 10:30 that day so we can be on time at the beach.  Thank you again for volunteering!

Looking forward to a fun day,

Mme Rode