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Hello Division 19,

Today we were learning the verb être.  Here is a song that will help with the conjugation.  If the links do not work, cut and paste the address to get to Youtube.

Happy singing!

Mme Rode

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.16.08 AM



L’amour est un cadeau and other information

Hello Division 19,

Here is the new song we were practicing in class today.  I will make a page for this song as well.

Also, here is some information for the upcoming week.

  • French book fair is happening all week before and after school
  • Hot Food Day is happening this Wednesday. It is for people who have already ordered online last week

The class newsletter for the month will be going out this week.  Stay tuned for any upcoming information by following the blog!

L’amour est un cadeau (link to Youtube)

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 3.10.48 PM


L’amour est un cadeau PDF version of the lyrics.

See you,

Mme Rode

Christmas Carols in French

Hello Division 19,

I have found some great Christmas carols in French (with the lyrics for some).  The lyrics are pretty simple and the tunes are catchy.

I will file the links for Youtube under les chansons (Noël).

Silent Night (Douce Nuit)!

Bonjour l’hiver (Charlotte Diamond)

Le gentil Père Noël (Matt Maxwell)!


Mme Rode

2 newsletters coming home today

Hello Division 19,

Today I sent home 2 packages.  One is a class information package that you keep at home for future reference.  The other package is a student information package.  Please fill it out so I can get a better idea of who your child is.  Please send the student information package back to school as soon as you have completed it.

In the next coming weeks, I will be sending home many information pages.  Please review them and if you have any questions come and ask me.  I don’t email parents so it is best to come and talk to me after school if you have any questions.

Tomorrow is the Terry Fox Run.  We will be running in honor of Terry Fox at 12:20 to 12:50.  Please send your child to school in proper running gear.

Here is a new song we were singing in class today.  It is called “Quel matin”.  I will post this song under “les chansons” page so you can visit it again.






See you,

Mme Rode

French songs on Youtube

Hello Division 19,

My neighbor who is also a French Immersion teacher told me about this great Youtube channel that has all sorts of French songs on it.

Her channel on Youtube is: la chaine de Mme Duckworth.  She has some wonderful kids songs with the lyrics too.

I also found this hilarious version of the three little pigs.  It is to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” but it tells the story of the Three Little pigs.  I was laughing out loud at this song.






Have a wonderful weekend,

Mme Rode