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A cool science experiment to try

Hello Division 19,

Today our special helper did a very cool science experiment for show and tell.  It focused on water surface tension.  Here is a youtube clip that I found that shows how to do the experiment.

Have fun and see you tomorrow,

Mme Rode


Division 19 websites they love!

Hello Division 19,

Here are some fun websites I use in class that are VERY popular with the students.

The bouncy balls website monitors noise.  The goal is to keep the balls still, but it is REALLY fun to make noise to see them bounce!

The other website I use is for a countdown timer.  I often use the egg timer as my countdown clock but sometimes I will use the bomb one because the kids LOVE it.  Try it when you need them to get something done within a time frame.  The timers are great visuals because they can actually see how long they have.

And here is a French games website I found tonight on PINTEREST.  I love that website.  Follow me if you want, I love pinning French stuff, great recipes and fun kiddie things too.

This French website has games and activities all in French, separated by age level and subject.

I will create a new page for classroom favorites such as the timers and the balls and I will file the French games website on my games page.

Have a good night!

Don’t forget it is Meet the Teacher night on Thursday.  I hope that many of you can make it.    It is at 6 pm.

See you all!

Mme Rode

Camosun Bog in Vancouver near UBC

Hello Division 19,

There is a parent organized outing scheduled for Sunday May 6th at Camosun Bog in Vancouver.  It is a casual get together for parents and children to discover all the wonderful elements that this bog has to offer.  It will be start at 2:30 on Sunday May 6th.  If you are interested in more information please see Theresa, JD’s mom.  She is helping another parent organize the event.  She will also send out an email to those parents who belong to our class list.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode

Cloud Dough

Hello Division 19,

I was perusing Pinterest the other night and found this really neat stuff called Cloud Dough.  It is a fun sensory activity that all children enjoy.  It is very easy to make and feels really cool to the touch (and it smells nice too).  I am logging this under the “cool stuff” category because this stuff feels really neat.

To make Cloud Dough you need:

8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil

Check out this link to show you pictures:

It would be a fun rainy day or weekend activity.

Have a good day,

Mme Rode

Measurement Obstacle course

Dear Parents,

This past Thursday, we made an obstacle course for a little lego person as a wrap up activity for our measurement unit.  It was so much fun!  Everyone had such a good time being creative and showing learning at the same time!  In the obstacle course, the children were able to represent all the different forms of measurement we covered during the unit.

In the course the students represented:

  • measurement of time by using a calendar (picking a date for the course)
  • measurement of height: they had to build an obstacle higher than 5 cm and then measure to verify
  • measurement of width: they had to build an obstacle that was wider than 8 cm and then measure to verify
  • measurement of non-standard units (paper-clips and counters) to measure length
  • identifying heavy and light obstacles
  • measurement around objects by creating a pool and then measuring around it

If the lego person could talk, I am sure he/she would say that the course was so much fun and super challenging to complete.  Take a look at the pictures below and have your child explain his/her course to you.

Baking is a great and super fun way to practice measurement of volume.  By having your child help measure the flour, sugar, baking powder/soda, you are giving him/her the opportunity to explore different measurement tools, such as cups, tablespoons and teaspoons.

Since the weather is so miserable these days why not make a batch of playdough with your child.  Here is a good recipe:

Uncooked Play Dough

2 cups of plain flour
4 tablespoons of ‘cream of tartar’
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 cup of salt
2 cups of boiling water
food colouring

 I pulled this recipe from this website:

I made this batch for Ava and it lasted well in ziplock bags.

Have a happy weekend and see you Monday.

Mme Rode

For all you little builders out there….

This was brought to my attention and I think it would be a fun activity to check out….

On the second Saturday of each month, Home Depot has a free building workshop for kids 4-12.  This Saturday, there is a workshop and the activity is “Build a Snowman Napkin Holder”.  Just walk past the public washroom all the way to the back of the store.

Here is a link to the website:

Might be worth checking out!
Mme Rode

Fun activity for the whole family

This is a wonderful place for the whole family.  Right now the village is decorated for the Christmas Holidays and it has free admission!

Traditional seasonal entertainment, demonstrations, hands-on activities, exhibits from the early 1900s. Closed Dec 25/26.

Experience heritage. Stroll down the streets of our 1920s community. A village has been created with both heritage & replica buildings. Period costumed townsfolk give demonstrations in the homes, businesses & shops: watch the blacksmith at forge, listen to the rhythm of the platen press, mind the teacher in the schoolhouse, help churn butter & catch an old movie in the theatre. Be sure to take in the elegance of the Interurban #1223. This mode of transportation was ahead of its time. A ride on the 1912 CW Parker Carousel is sure to please.

Website:  [ ]

Cool stuff category

Hello Division 19!

I am going to start a category called “cool stuff” for my blog.  If you know of any great websites, any places that your child enjoyed visiting or upcoming events in the community or basically anything that is super fun for kids, please let me know in your child’s agenda or tell me in person and will let everyone else know in our classroom community.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!

Mme Rode ImageHere is a photo of Spooky, the obese tail-less cat.  He is the friendliest, yet laziest cat we know.