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Hello Division 19,

I hope you are all having a great Spring Break.  For our final activity for our Geometry unit we will be building with solids.  For this activity we will need lots and lots of interesting objects to build with.  That  being said…please save any boxes, tins,  rinsed out cans, toilet paper rolls or any other objects that we can use for this activity.  We would like to have a variety of prisms, cubes, cylinders, cones (if possible), pyramids (if possible).  If you would like your item(s) back, please write your name on the object(s).   This is a very hands-on way for your child to fully understand all the concepts that were taught during this unit.  I hope to build on Wednesday April 1st.

Thank you all and enjoy the rest of your Spring Break.

P.S. Don’t forget to return your report card envelopes.  Thank you 🙂

Mme Rode


New timetable

Hello Division 19,

Please take a look at our new time table.  We have switched to 50 minute blocks so this will affect our break times. Please pay special attention if you drop off lunches for your children. Lunch time now starts at 12:20 and not 12:00.  Also, Friday recess is now 10:25-10:55, which is earlier than we currently have.

One other note, due to this change in schedule, our Friday computer block has been moved.  Instead of having computers on Friday last block, your child will be having computers Monday first block.  This change will be starting immediately after Spring Break.

Anderson timetable new

I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break.

Mme Rode

Photo Day tomorrow

Hello Division 20,

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow will be individual picture day.  We usually have our pictures very early in the day, usually before recess.  If you want your child to change out of his/her picture day clothes, please make sure you send extra clothes for changing into (I don’t want to use the spare clothes that are stored in the classroom).

Thank you,

Mme Rode

Canadian symbols

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow is cookie day!  This will be lots of fun.  If you are helping, please come to the class for 9 am.  Please make sure you sign in at the office and get a visitor tag.  If you are helping can you please bring the following:

  • measuring cups
  • measuring spoons
  • a cookie sheet
  • a bowl (I have a couple but I-2 need one for each group)

So today, as part of our Canada unit, we started talking about Canadian symbols.  A great place to start is by looking at Canadian money,  I showed the students a catchy song on Youtube today that talks about Canadian symbols.

Here is the link below.  It is called “I’ve got Canada in my pocket” by Michael Mitchell.

We have started a list of Canadian symbols. Please have your child look for more so we can add them to our list.

Thank you and see you,

Mme Rode

Who wants to bake cookies with us???

Hello Division 19,

As we come to the end of our measurement unit, I thought it would be fun to measure and bake some cookies!  For this activity, I will need parent helpers.  If you can help, please let me know.  The more the merrier!

Cookie baking info

  • Wednesday February 6th 9-10:30,  I will need about 20 minutes to get the attendance done and have the students settled into the day
  • If you have cookie sheets and measuring cups and spoons please bring them labeled with your name

If you are able to help on that day, please sign in at the office and they will give you a volunteer tag to wear.

Looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode


Hello Division 19,

On Tuesday we will be going bowling!  Please remember to send the following items to school with your child Tuesday:

  • booster seat-please label your child’s booster seat 
  • an easy to eat lunch
  • comfortable bowling clothes

Parents who are driving-please fill out the volunteer driving form and take it to the office.  You will need to keep the signed copy in your car.  We will be leaving the school at 12:10 so please meet outside my classroom and I will let you know who you will be driving.  Once at the bowling alley, the children will be divided into teams of 5.  I will let you know who you will be supervising at the bowling alley.

And please send back the conference forms. I need to make a schedule and send home the confirmation forms by Thursday.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

Parent Conferences

Hello Division 19,

Term 2 conferences are coming up very soon.  This term, I am giving parents the choice of the style of conference.  The choices are STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES and PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES.  Both styles are valuable ways to see how your child is doing.  My conference dates will be Monday February 4 (early dismissal day) and Tuesday February 5.

Student-led conferences are conferences that are led by the child, by showing his/her parents what they have learned, what they feel successful at and where they need to show growth.  This type of conference partners the parents, children and teacher together to discuss student progress.  These conferences take about 30 minutes.  Children will share their work and also there is a chance to discuss progress with the teacher.  At one given time, there are four families in the classroom conducting student-led conferences.

Parent-teacher conferences are a more private conference that involves only the teacher and the parents.  These conferences last only 10 minutes.  The parent-teacher conferences will be exactly the same as the conferences in October.

Please choose the conference that best suits your needs.

Monday February 4th will be STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES.

Tuesday February 5th will be PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES.

I will send home a sign-up sheet this week and please send it back with your preference as soon as possible so I can schedule everyone in accordingly.

See you,

Mme Rode

January newsletters

Dear Parents,

Attached are the PDF files for the month of January.

January Newsletter

January Calendar

This month a survey will be sent home about the 2 week Spring Break.  It is important that you fill out the survey and send it back to school so that the school district can make a decision for the 2013-2014 school year.  The survey will be sent home in the upcoming days.

This is a friendly reminder:

  • please sign in at the office anytime you are in the school during instructional time.  Even though you are not a stranger to me or the students in my class, other teachers might not recognize you.  It is important that we know who is in the building at all times, so please sign in at the office.
  • If you are bringing your child his/her lunch, please leave it at the lunch table, or if absolutely necessary, please bring it to the outside door.
  • If you are picking your child up for an appointment, please either notify the office and they will call me, or pick your child up from the outside door.

Thank you,

Mme Rode