May newsletter

May Newsletter


Dear Parents,

Here is what we will be studying in the month of May.



ien, tion, c dur c=k, c doux c=s

We are also focusing on the verbs VOULOIR and POUVOIR in the present tense.

As our focus continues to be enhancing our French vocabulary, we are continuing to learn French expressions. Some of them will turn up in the dictée sentences or the m.o.


French Language Arts

We are continuing to read our French novel Lili entre en scène. In this novel, the students are learning more challenging French vocabulary, learning literary elements of a story and developing our inferring skills.

For French writing, the students are continuing to work on their creative writing fictional stories.


English Language Arts

The students are working on the final chapters of Flat Stanley. Thank you to everyone who sent the Flat People back to school! It is so exciting getting mail to the classroom! If you haven’t already done this activity yet, you still have time. The flat people aren’t due back till Friday May 13!

The students are also starting on a poetry unit. If you have a chance, share a poem that you remember reading and enjoying when you were a child. Check out Shel Silverstein poems, he has written some very silly and funny poems.



The students have started on a Geometry unit. In this unit, students are expected to know and identify 2 D shapes and 3 D solids. It is always good to ask your child to identify any 2D shapes and 3D solids in there everyday world.



This month, students are continuing to learn about matter and energy. They are currently investigating buoyancy! This can be lots of fun (and also very messy!)


Important Dates for May

*****May 17***** Early Dismissal 2 pm!!!!

Tuesday May 17- Class photo day

Wednesday May 18- Pizza Day

Monday May 23- Victoria Day –No School


For more up to date information keep checking back on the blog!

Have a great month!



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