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Spelling words are up

Hello Division 17,

Just to let you know the spelling words for next week are uploaded on the blog.  I will send home a hard copy with your child on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Mme Rode


Earth day celebrations at Anderson

Hello division 17,
Tomorrow we will be celebrating Earth Day at Anderson.  If possible,  please have your child wear either blue or green to school tomorrow.
Please note that Friday is a professional day at Anderson.
I also sent home a pink permission slip for the UBC Museum of Anthropology our field trip in May.  Please send 10$ to school as soon as possible for this field trip.
Thank you.
Mme Rode

Flat Stanley

Hello Division 17!

Today your child will be bringing home a Flat Stanley envelope.  Please take a look inside at the information and the Flat Stanley your child has made.  The Flat Stanley project we will be doing requires parent/family/friend participation.  Where in the world can your child’s Flat Stanley travel??

Please make sure the Flat Stanley’s return to school with the orange Flat Stanley journal.

Can’t wait to learn about all the adventures!

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.10.30 PM

See you,

Mme Rode

April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome back after Spring Break. I hope you all had a wonderful break with your family. This is what we will be learning in the month of April.

Friendly Reminders:

  • Please send back your child’s report card envelope. I will need it for the term 3 report card
  • Drama workshop money. Please send 11$ to school. Our first session is this Tuesday.

French Language Arts

Dictée: eil/eille, ail/aille, gn, ien

Verbs: aller, aller+verb infinitive (to make the future tense), pouvoir, vouloir

For reading this month, we are doing a novel study of a French novel called “Lili entre en scène.”

This term, the main focus is enriching our vocabulary. Students are learning French expressions, idioms and synonyms to help make develop his/her language skills.


For the month of April we will be focusing on multiplication and division. In this unit, students are being introduced to the concept of multiplication and division by focusing on equal groupings, repeated addition/subtraction, arrays and skip counting. Yesterday, I sent home a package with my skip counting songs. Please have your child practice these songs. Memorization of multiplication facts for grade 3 is not a requirement but it will be for grade 4.


We are working on our unit on matter and energy.

Physical Education

Skipping skills alone and with others.

English Language Arts

The students will be doing a novel study. The novel they will be reading is called Flat Stanley.

Important Dates for April

  • Wednesday April 6th– Pizza Day
  • April 5, 11, 18- Drama workshops
  • Friday April 15th– Breakfast Club
  • Wednesday April 20th– Pizza Day
  • Friday April 29th– Breakfast club


Please stay tuned for any other events via the blog and your child’s agenda.

Have a great month!

Mme Rode