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Hello Division 17!

We have started our unit on Fractions.  This is a fun unit to teach because there are lots of fun ways to explore fractions.  Baking is a great way to learn about fractions at home.  By having your child use the measuring cups and spoons, they are seeing and using fractions while they are baking.  Give it a try…I can’t promise it won’t be be messy.  It sure is when I bake with the girls at my house at least!

Don’t forget it is Pink shirt day tomorrow.

Mme Rode


In class field trip

Hello Division 17,

Today we had the opportunity to have an in class field trip focusing on communities past and present.  The cost for this in-class field trip is $3.00.  I will send home a form tomorrow but if you can send the money as soon as possible that would be great.  It was an excellent presentation that lasted from 9-12.  The students had many opportunities to explore different artifacts from pioneer times. It was really a fantastic hands on morning and even better that we didn’t need to go anywhere!   They especially loved the wooden toys and the record player.  Ask your child about the presentation today!

Thank you,

Mme Rode

Pink Shirt Day 2016

Dear Parents,

For the month of February, we have been talking about how to be kind to others and how we can make everyone feel welcome in our class and at our school.  On Wednesday February 24th, Anderson School will be participating in Pink Shirt Day, an anti-bullying campaign.  We are encouraging all students to wear something pink (or red) to school that day.

Do you know the story behind Pink Shirt Day? This was copied from the CKNW website:

“David Shepherd, Travis Price and their teenage friends organized a high-school protest to wear pink in sympathy with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied…[They] took a stand against bullying when they protested against the harassment of a new Grade 9 student by distributing pink T-shirts to all the boys in their school.

‘I learned that two people can come up with an idea, run with it, and it can do wonders,’ says Mr. Price, 17, who organized the pink protest. ‘Finally, someone stood up for a weaker kid.’

So Mr. Shepherd and some other headed off to a discount store and bought 50 pink tank tops. They sent out message to schoolmates that night, and the next morning they hauled the shirts to school in a plastic bag.

As they stood in the foyer handing out the shirts, the bullied boy walked in. His face spoke volumes. ‘It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders,’ Mr. Price recalled.

The bullies were never heard from again.”

Let’s all help conquer this problem.  Please wear pink on February 29th.

Here is a flash-mob that was done  at Oakridge Mall in Vancouver.  It is such a wonderful video!  It gives me goosebumps.

See you,

Mme Rode

Pizza Day and Early Dismissal

Hello Division 17,

Just a reminder about two events tomorrow: Pizza Day and Early Dismissal at 2 pm.

Please make sure you have made arrangements for your child to be picked up at 2 pm.  I will be starting my conferences at 2 :15.

Just as a safety note: there is no direct supervision for students after school.  If your child is waiting for an extended period of time outside, you need to know that although there are many people on site inside the school, there is no one directly supervising children after dismissal.  If on a certain day you are going to be late (as things happen- traffic, a meeting running late, appointment, etc.) please phone the office and then they will let me know so I can have your child wait there.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!  Don’t forget your plate and $$ for the pizza!

Mme Rode


Hello again division 17,
We are continuing with our measurement unit.  Tomorrow we will be measuring capacity (volume) using water.  If possible,  can you please send some liquid measuring cups (see picture).   If you have any interesting containers that aren’t breakable, that might be great to send as well.  The focus of tomorrow’s lesson is the litre and following that lesson will be the millilitre.
If you are able to send some items for our lessons,  please make sure the items are labelled with your child’s name.
Thank you!
Mme Rode


This week

Hello division 17,
Just a friendly reminder about events that are coming this week.
This week is conference week.  Conference days are Tuesday,  Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday and Thursday are really dismissal days.   Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up at 2 pm on those days.
Friday is a professional day. 
See you tomorrow,
Mme Rode

February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Hello Division 17,

This short month has lots going on….Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and of course Leap Year! Do you know anyone with that birthday?

This is what we will be doing for the month of February and up to Spring Break. Don’t forget that school ends in March on the 10th, which is a Thursday and not a Friday.

Dictée and French Language Arts

Sounds for this month are: oi, oin, ain, ein, ille

Verb of the month: FAIRE (to do, to make) present and past tense

We are focusing on FLUENCY in our reading groups. We are trying to read with increased expression and with good pauses and phrasing.

We will be starting to write fictional stories in our writing time, focusing on story elements and how to write a complete story: beginning, middle and end.


We are still working on our measurement unit. We will be focusing measuring with mass as we close up this chapter. Since January, we have been learning different ways to measure: linear measurement, the passage of time with a calendar and with an analog clock, perimeter and now we will be focusing on mass. Once we complete this chapter, our next unit will be focusing on FRACTIONS. This is a great opportunity to look at measuring cups and spoons at home and bake with your child to show them real world fractions.

Social Studies

We are learning about the First Peoples of our community. We have been reading legends and leaning how the First Peoples used our land. The First Peoples of Richmond are part of the Musqueam First Nations. Here is a website that shows a Place Names web map indicating the Musqueam names for places in Richmond.


Physical Education
We have been playing games developing an understanding for offence and defence in territory games. Games that belong into this games category are: soccer, basketball, football, and handball. We have had lots of fun running around trying to score points and develop strategies to prevent our opponents from scoring points.

Important Dates for February:

Feb 8- BC Family Day- School is Closed

Feb 12- we will celebrate Valentine’s Day that day. If your child is to pass out cards, please make sure that there is a card for everyone in the class. We have 23 students in our class. There is a class list on the blog that is password protected. I will remind the students what the password is again.

Feb 12 & 26- Breakfast Club

FEB 17 & 18 Early dismissal 2 pm – Conferences- More information to come home this week.

Thank you and stay tuned for any other information on the blog,

Mme Rode