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Next week

Dear Parents,

Here are some little reminders for next week.

On Tuesday there will be a half-day Professional Day.  Students are to be picked up at 11:30 that day.  There will be no school in the afternoon that day for students.

Also, Wednesday is Hot Food Day.  If your child chooses to participate please send $$ and a plate to school.

Have a great weekend,

Mme Rode


January Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

This is what we will be doing in the month of January. Please note that there are 2 professional days this month. The first one is on the 19th in the afternoon. Your child needs to be picked up from school that day at 11:30. The other professional day is a Provincial Day (curriculum implementation) and this will occur on the 29th. Just for your information there will be another curriculum implementation day in May (May 2nd).


eau, au, eu eur

We will also be focusing on adverbs and how to use them to enhance our writing.

The verb this month will be être. We will also be learning how to use être and the passé composé.


We have finished our unit on addition and subtraction. Please continue practicing with your child. It is important that he/she continues to develop numeracy skills.

The next unit we will be working on is measurement. In this unit we will be learning about:

  • time (reading an analogue clock, duration, passage of time- calendar)
  • money
  • linear measurement (cm, m)
  • perimeter
  • mass

Community time

On Monday afternoons we have community time where students work co-operatively with one another. We were just given 18 decks of cards and so students are going to be playing card games with one another. This is a great opportunity to develop French language in a social setting, as well, to focus on co-operation and math skills.

It would be great to teach and play cards at home with your child so he/she has some ideas for our community time. Here is a link with some card games to play at home.

Social Studies

We are continuing our focus on Richmond in the past. We will be learning about pioneer farming and the pioneer village. We will then be going back further in time to learn about the First Nations Peoples who lived in Richmond before European settlement.

Have you found our new website? Here is the address: .You can even follow the website by email and get all the latest updates in your inbox.

 Important Dates for January

  • Friday January 15- Breakfast Club
  • Tuesday January 19- ½ day Pro-D, Dismissal at 11:30
  • Wednesday January 20- Pizza Day
  • Friday January 29th– Professional Day

Have a great month! Happy 2016!

Mme Rode