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Merry Christmas to you!

Hello Division 17,

Well…the holidays are here!  I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you all for the lovely gifts and cards.  I am so lucky to have such a great class family.

Things you can do with your child over the break:

  • read- in English and French (the library has lots of French books and there are lots of links here on the blog)
  • play board games and card games-these games that involve dice and cards help develop your child’s mental math skills
  • have the do different writing activities-write an email to a family member, write lists, keep a journal, write cards to friends and family
  • do real life math-count money, read a clock, measure (lengths-tape measures, rulers), measure volume by BAKING  (so much fun, and well so messy if you are baking with a toddler)
  • Have your child document the holidays by taking photos and videos.

And most of all have lots of fun!


See you all in 2016 .  All the best.

Mme Rode


This week in Division 17

Hello Division 17,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend (well minus the weather and all).  Anyways, as you prepare for tomorrow, please note we will be have a class party to celebrate speaking in French. The theme for tomorrow’s party is stuffed animals.  Please have your child choose only ONE stuffed animal to bring to school tomorrow.  It is also best that your child NOT bring his/her treasured stuffed animal to school because many things happen at school and it would be very sad if the special animal got dirty or misplaced etc.

Also, please return your child’s report card envelope ASAP.  That way I can file them away until they are needed again in March.  We really appreciate the envelopes being returned so we don’t need to use a new envelope each term.

Tomorrow is our final library day before the holiday break.  Please return ALL library books to school tomorrow.  Your child will most likely not be bringing home a book tomorrow.  If you would  like books over the holiday season, please visit the Richmond Public library.

Wednesday is a Hot lunch day.

Thursday is our school Christmas Concert.  We will be performing a song and dance with Division 20.  We will be singing Vive le Vent.  Here its he link for the music we will be using.

It would be great if your child wore red or green that day to school for the concert.  Also, if your child has a Santa hat that would be great as well.

And finally, Friday is our last day of school before the Winter Break.  There will be a Breakfast Club that morning.

Have a great last week,

Mme Rode

now and then

Hello Division 17,

We are comparing communities past and present.  The other day, we were looking at how things were different from my childhood (1985 ish) to their childhood (2015).  It would be great for your child if you could discuss how things were when you were a child.  What did you play with?  How were things when you went to school?  Perhaps you lived in a different country and things were very different where you lived.

We will be working on this tomorrow in class and Monday as well.  Your child will love hearing about how things were for you.  They were amazed that there was no WIFI when I was a child and that there were no computers.  So much has changed!!!!

Thank you,

Mme Rode

December Calendar

Hello Division 17,

Here is the calendar for the month of December.  We will be performing at the Winter Concert on the 17th.  For this concert, it would be great if your child could either wear red or green.  And if you have a Santa hat at home that would be a great bonus for our presentation.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.52.36 PM

décembre calendar PDF version

More information to come for the concert.

See you,

Mme Rode