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Pro d tomorrow

Hello division 17,
Just a friendly reminder that there is a professional day tomorrow.
Also, Wednesday will be hot food day.  Please make sure you send $$ and a plate to school of your child is participating in the hot food lunch.
Finally, an in class field trip form was sent home Friday.  The cost for this field trip is 4$. Please send money to school as soon as possible.  The in class field trip is on Monday the 7th.
Thank you and have a great night ,
Mme Rode 😆


cursive writing

Hello Division 17,

I have been noticing more and more students trying to do their work in cursive writing.  This is telling me..they are ready to do formal lessons!  Believe it or not….cursive writing is still part of the curriculum for Language Arts (grade 3).  I remember using cursive writing for my “good copy” in school, but now with computers/ipads, cursive writing is not really used for the good copy anymore.  However, it is a great skill to have.

We will be doing a handwriting program focusing on letter formation and letter strokes.  Your child might bring home some practice sheets to work on at home.  It is very important  that your child uses proper technique in order for his/her writing to be legible.  Please correct your child if you see him/her forming the letters incorrectly.

A great website I use to make worksheets is .  You can type any word you like and it makes practice sheets.  I love it!

The first group of letters we will be working on are called clock climbers (c, a, d, g, q etc.)

The students are very excited to get going with handwriting!

See you Monday,

Mme Rode

Time line project

Personal Time line

We will be making a personal time line for Social Studies. Your child will need some help from home for this project.

Please help your child think of 10 important events in his/her life. Have your child create a list to bring to school.

Please have your child choose 3 of the 10 events that are especially important. Please find a photo to help your child represent this life event.

Please send a list of the events and photos to school next week, as soon as possible. I would like to start this assignment in class early next week.

The written component will take place at school so no written part is expected to be completed at home this weekend. All that is required is to please help your child brainstorm a list and select 3 photos. Your child can always have more photos for the time line if he/she would like.

Thank you,

Mme Rode


Hello Division 17,

Tomorrow will be breakfast club at Anderson.  Come out and have some breakfast in the gym with your friends.

Also, tomorrow is photo retake day. If your child is having retakes could you please let me know so I will send them to get his/her picture taken.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

addition table

Hello Division 17,

We have started our chapter focusing on addition and subtraction.  Our lesson today focused on the addition table.  We were looking for different patterns, interesting observations and all the different facts.  Please go over this table with your child.  Can you find:

addition table

  • doubles
  • neighbours (ex. 3+4, 4+5)
  • the friends of 10
  • reciprocal equations

It is important for your child to memorize these facts to 18 to help with double and triple digit equations.   Work with your child to help discover strategies to help with addition fact memorization.

Here is the table in PDF form in case you would like to print one off for your child.

addition table

See you,

Mme Rode


November newsletter

Dear Parents,

Here is the newsletter for the month of November. It is starting to get wet and cold. Please make sure your child is properly dressed for outside play (warm coat, boots, gloves). If your child is wearing boots please send inside shoes. Boots are great for outside but can be very uncomfortable to sit cross-legged on the carpet for lesson time.

French Language Arts


on/om, an/am, en/em, in/im


We are focusing on er verbs and will be starting avoir and être conjugation. We are also focusing on plural nouns and verbs and how to make appropriate accords and conjugations.


We have been focusing on reading with accuracy. In that I mean decoding (sounding out) multi-syllabic words, pronouncing words correctly using French sounds and being aware of silent endings (silent –ent for verbs, silent s for plural nouns and other silent letters in words).


We are finishing up our place value unit early next week. In this unit your child was practicing skip counting by using Canadian money. Please continue to have your child practice this very important life skill. It will help with skip counting (and later for multiplication) and it will give them greater independence when going shopping.

The next unit we will be focusing on is Addition and Subtraction for 3 digit numbers.

Social Studies

We will be learning out the community of Richmond and comparing how this community has changed over the years. Richmond used to be a farming community and has greatly changed to becoming a very populated city. The area of Anderson has changed so much since I started here back in 2001!

Important Dates for the month of November:

Please refer to the calendar I posted the other day and weekly updates I post on the blog.

  • November 10th– Remembrance Day Assembly
  • November 11th– Remembrance Day No School today
  • November 13th– Photo Retakes
  • November 13th– Breakfast Club (thank you to all the amazing parents who help!!!)
  • November 27th– Breakfast Club
  • November 30th– Professional Day

Stay tuned on the blog for any further important dates.

Have a great weekend!

Mme Rode