Happy Hallowe’en!

Hello Division 17,

We will be having a small Hallowe’en party of Friday.  If your child would like, he/she can wear his/her costume to school.  Please note that no masks or weapons are permitted at Anderson for Hallowe’en.  Please remember that if your child has a particularly beautiful or elaborate costume, it could get damaged at school because they will be expected to go outside for recess that day.  Your child can also wear orange and black to school that day.

Your child can also bring some snacks to share with the class.  Please make sure that anything you bring to our class is NUT FREE.

Anderson is also collecting food for the Richmond Food Bank.  Please help support the food bank at this time.  Please do not send candy for the food bank.  Any non-perishable food is welcome.

And finally, next week, after Hallowe’en please make sure that your child only brings maximum 1 candy to school.  Any more than that affects learning in the classroom.  Candy and learning are not the best mix.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

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