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Breakfast club today!

Hello and Happy Hallowe’en!

If you were wondering what to have for breakfast with your kids today…well here’s a suggestion…BREAKFAST CLUB at Anderson this morning!! 🙂  If you would like to participate come to the gym for 8:15.  I wonder how many spooky costumes will be in the gym this morning???

Have a spooktacular day.  See you in 2 hours.

Mme Rode


Happy Hallowe’en!

Hello Division 17,

We will be having a small Hallowe’en party of Friday.  If your child would like, he/she can wear his/her costume to school.  Please note that no masks or weapons are permitted at Anderson for Hallowe’en.  Please remember that if your child has a particularly beautiful or elaborate costume, it could get damaged at school because they will be expected to go outside for recess that day.  Your child can also wear orange and black to school that day.

Your child can also bring some snacks to share with the class.  Please make sure that anything you bring to our class is NUT FREE.

Anderson is also collecting food for the Richmond Food Bank.  Please help support the food bank at this time.  Please do not send candy for the food bank.  Any non-perishable food is welcome.

And finally, next week, after Hallowe’en please make sure that your child only brings maximum 1 candy to school.  Any more than that affects learning in the classroom.  Candy and learning are not the best mix.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

This week at Anderson

Hello Division 17,

Just a few reminders for the week.

  • Wednesday is Picture Day!  Have your child bring his/her best smile!  It is individual photo day.  We usually have our photos done in the morning.
  • Early dismissal at 2 pm on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY for parent teacher conferences.  My conferences start at 2:10 so it is very important that your child is picked up promptly.  Please make arrangements for your child.
  • Friday is a Professional Day.  We will be having our English spelling test on Thursday this week.

Have a great night!

See you tomorrow and if not….at your conference this week. 🙂

Mme Rode

Ways to help your child with the dictée

Ways to help your child

This blog post is regarding the dictée and how you can best support your child.  I realize that many of your do not speak French and for these activities you don’t need to.  You just need dedicate the time to help support your child with his/her work.

This year your child has sentences to learn each week and there there can be some tricky words in the sentences.  Rather than have your child memorize letters in the sentences it is best to have your child isolate the words he/she is having trouble with and use the strategies below.  I try and choose words in each sentence that are sight words used in class and that have been learned in previous grades.  It is also important for your child to focus on grammar in each sentence so that when he/she is writing the test he/she is making sure that the sentence are making sense rather than trying to recall letters.

It is important that your child work on his/her dictée each night in order for him/her to develop a good understanding for French phonics, as well, to memorize the correct spelling for French sight words (high frequency words).  It is an expectation that Grade 2 and Grade 3 students have a good amount of French sight words (high frequency words) memorized.


  • have them type words/sentences on the computer using different fonts
  • scramble up the letters in the word and get your child to unscramble
  • if you have a easel or white message board
  • play hang man (guessing game)
  • making words using different materials (playdough, noodles, different felts, cutting out letters from words in newspapers)
  • making a word search-use
  • use a highlighter and get them to highlight sounds they know
  • “painting words” with this website:
  • letting your child practice writing his/her words using fancy pens or gel pens

All these activities will be more engaging and will hopefully encourage your child to practice more at home.  Having your child copy out the sentences several times each night might not help them learn, retain and understand the sound of the week and/or grammar concept we are focusing on.  If they are simply memorizing letters, they are not having these concepts “stick” and will not be able to continue to use them in class.

Thank you for your continued support with your child and the dictée.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode

Ocean movies

Hello Division 17,

If you subscribe to Netflix you might want to check out some movies about the Ocean.  The title I am speaking about is called Blue Planet: Natural History of the Oceans.  I haven’t seen them yet, but I look forward to checking it out.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy this weekend with your family.

See you Tuesday,

Mme Rode

October calendar

Hello Division 17,

Here is the calendar for the month of October.  Please note that this month I will be having parent teacher conferences.  There will be 2 early dismissal days. Please make sure your child is picked up by 2 pm that day.  I will be sending home a sign up sheet in the next coming days.  Please remember that sign up is a first come first serve so please return your form promptly.

Thank you,

Mme RodeOctober 2015


Hello Division 17,

Today your child will be bring home his/her first dictée.  Well done everyone!  You will see how I have corrected the dictée.  I mark for capital letters, punctuation and letter placement on the lines.  These are expectations that at Grade 3 are to be automatic.  If you see that your child has forgotten these items, please continue working on these skills when your child is practicing at home.  I also give out bonus words.  This week as there was no sound of the week, I used sight words.  If you would like to see a French sight word list I have 4 sets of lists divided by grade level on this blog.  I will put these sights words in my dictée menu bar.  When we start with sounds of the week, the bonus words will be words that we have worked on in class.

Keep up the great work everyone!  Have a wonderful weekend.

Mme Rode

October Newsletter

October Class newsletter

Hello Division 17,

This is what we will be learning for the month of October.


vowels and apostrophes, the French accents é, è, ê and à

Please make sure your child practices his/her dictée sentences nightly.

French grammar

This month we will be focusing on simple punctuation, apostrophes, and nouns (proper/common, masculine/feminine and plurals).


With both English and French reading we will be focusing on word attack and how to break down read multisyllabic words correctly. We will also be focusing on reading with correct French pronunciation and learning to be aware of silent endings and letters in words.

English Language Arts

We will be focusing on a weekly sound. Our first set of sounds will be focusing on short vowel sounds. We are also going to be working towards learning correct spelling of high frequency words. I will post a list of high frequency words that your child should practice to help develop his/her spelling skills. Please look for this list under my spelling page in the menu bar. These words do not follow a particular phonetic pattern and are important words for your child to spell correctly.


We are finishing up Unit 1, which focused on patterns-increasing and decreasing using symbols and numbers (up to 100). If your child brings home any worksheets that means he/she did not complete his/her work in class. Please work with your child to complete the work and send it back to school. Shortly, we will be starting Unit 2, which focuses on place value of numbers up to 999.


We are continuing with our ecosystem lessons with a focus on the beach. We will be learning about what is an ecosystem, living and non-living things in the ecosystem and exploring food chains.

Important Dates for October

  • October 2– Breakfast Club
  • Monday October 12-Thanksgiving (no school)
  • Friday October 16– Breakfast club
  • Wednesday October 21– Picture Day!
  • Week of October 20th-Parent Teacher conferences (more info to come home soon!)
  • Wednesday October 21 & Thursday October 22 Early dismissal days 2 pm

Don’t forget that we visit the library every Monday for our weekly book exchange. Please make sure your child has his/her books ready for Monday!

Thank you,

Mme Rode