Daily Archives: September 13, 2015

Hello everyone!

Hello my new friends in Division 17,

I need to remember to use the correct division now.  I haven’t been division 17 in quite a few years now so it will take some getting used to.

This week will be a week to get to know everyone.  There will be LOTS of newsletters going home this week.  Please check your child’s back pack to stay current on what is going on.  There will also be many forms that need to be returned to the school.  Please review the forms, send money when required (school supplies and agenda) and send everything back to school ASAP.  If the office has all the forms and money it makes everything go much smoother this month.  Also, we need to keep information current (phone numbers, medical information, email addresses etc) with forms in the office so please send everything back quickly!

Also, please come and inform me ASAP with anything regarding your child’s health. It is very important that I know if there are any allergies.

Monday mornings I am out in the parking lot doing supervision. I won’t be at the class until just after 8:40. Please have your child wait quietly outside my room.  Sitting on the benches and lining is great, please make sure that your child is not running in that open space.  (I have had to speak to many children in the past about this) Number 1 is that it isn’t safe and number 2 there is a kindergarten class next door to me.  I always like to focus on safe and responsible behaviour both inside my classroom and outside in the hallways and playground.  Thank you for helping me with this.

This Thursday is Meet the Teacher night. Please come and see me that night.  I am looking forward to visiting my my new classroom community.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode