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Home Reading

Dear Parents,

This week Division 17 will be starting the Home Reading Program (La lecture à la maison; LLALM). Every night your child will bring home 1 or 2 books. Please sit down with your child for 15 minutes every night and listen to him/her read.

The children have been talking in class about how to read books. They have also been learning how to choose books that are a best fit (not too easy or not too hard). Your child knows that reading is with words as well as pictures.

Please encourage your child to read with expression and have your child explain what he/she has read. If your child stumbles on a word, encourage your child to break the word into smaller syllables and sound out the word carefully.

The books need to be returned to school every day in order for your child to select a new book. Your child needs to be responsible for returning his/her books each day. Please remember to use the book envelope to help protect the French books.

Thank you for your co-operation in the Home Reading Program,

Mme Rode


Beach Day!

Hello Division 17,

We had such a great day at the beach.  We did lots of investigating at the beach ecosystem.  Centennial Beach is such a great place to go, the tide goes out really far and you can run and walk all over the sandbars.  They are lots of cool things to see at the beach.  We saw crabs (alive and dead), birds, drift wood, clams, seaweed, lots of different shells, these jelly type creatures (that weren’t jelly fish) and lots of other things.

If you want a great place to go for a family day, check out this great beach.  It is really so close to Richmond, just on the other side of the tunnel in sunny Tsawwassen!

Here are some pictures of our trip.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode


Centennial Beach day tomorrow!!!

Hello Division 17,Tomorrow we will be going to Centennial Beach.  Please look at my photo and make sure you pack the following items for your child.

  • a warm windbreaker jacket.  Although it is going to be sunny tomorrow, it can get very windy down at Centennial Beach
  • Boots
  • Clean shoes to wear on the bus and back at school.
  • A bag to put boots/clean shoes in
  • Bucket/shovel (this is optional but will be handy when making observations)
  • an easy to eat lunch. Please do not send themos lunches with soups etc.  It will be tricky to eat at the beach

Parents who are coming on our trip, the bus will be leaving Anderson at 11 am.  Please be at the school no later than 10:50.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Rode




Hello Division 17,

Slowly I am updating the blog. Tonight I added a class list of first names.  This post is password protected.  I have sent home the password in my introduction package last week. I will also have your child write it in his/her agenda tomorrow.

Please remember that MONDAY is a professional day.  And then TUESDAY we will be going to Centennial Beach. I have checked the weather and the forecast looks good for Tuesday.  It is really important that your child dresses appropriately for this field trip.  It can be VERY windy down at Centennial Beach so a warm jacket is recommended.  Also, we will be walking out on the sandbars and in tidal pools.  Your child needs to be wearing boots for this part of the activity.  Please also send inside shoes to school that day.  Your child will need these shoes for the bus on the way back and for the rest of the day at school.  The bus driver will not allow muddy boots on the bus.

I still have not received spare clothes from many of the students in the class.  Having spare clothes at school is very handy for your child, for myself and for you too-that way I don’t need to call you if your child gets wet!  Please send your child’s spare clothes to school as soon as possible in a labeled bag.

Next week we will be starting Home Reading.  I know I said I was going to start this week but with agendas, dictée and spelling starting, I felt that it was a lot of “new” things happening all at once. I promise books will be sent home starting on Wednesday.  So you have until then to get a book envelope for your child 🙂

Have a great night and see you tomorrow!

Mme Rode

Field trip next Tuesday

Dear Parents,

Next Tuesday we will be going on a field trip to Centennial Beach as part of our unit on ecosystems.  Due to timing of the tides and the weather we are having to do this with short notice.  A permission slip will be going home with your child.  Please complete the form and send it back to school with 5$.  The 5$ is to cover the cost of the bus.  We will need parents to help supervise.  Because we will be walking on the beach and in the sand bars to making investigations, younger toddler siblings are not welcome.  I will need as much help with supervision as possible.  Thank you for understanding.

I still need spare clothes from your child to be sent to school.  Please also purchase a home reading folder because I would like to start with home reading this week. If your child doesn’t have a book envelope unfortunately, books cannot come home until one has been purchased.

See you,

<,e Rode

Dictée starting this week

Dear Parents,

This week, Division 17 will be starting the weekly spelling program “Dictée”.  The dictée is much like a spelling program and will focus on a specific sound and grammar concept each week.

For the dictée program in Division 17, the focus will be on sentences that target a specific sound.  The purpose of the dictée is to develop an understanding for French sounds and simple French grammar rules.

The dictée sentences that are currently posted are from last year.  I have left these sentences up for new parents to my class community to get an idea of what my dictée looks like.

Each week, there will be 2 dictées sent home targeting different levels.  Group A have 2 easier sentences and Group B has 2-3 more challenging sentences.  It is best for your child to practice sentences that are at his/her ability level. This activity is not meant to be a frustrating experience.  The goal is for your child to develop a deeper understanding for the language rather than simply word memorization.  You can choose if you want your child to do Group A, Group B or both, but please do not overwhelm your child if both groups are too much. There will also be a sight word at the bottom of the page that will need to be practiced as well.

Please have your child practice the dictée sentences for at least 15 minutes each night.

Every Wednesday, the dictée will be sent home in your child’s agenda.  It will also be posted on the blog for continued reference.  The dictée test will the following Wednesday.

Thank you for your support in helping your child learn how to spell correctly.

Mme Rode

Tomorrow (Friday September 18)

Hello Division 17,

Tomorrow is the Terry Fox Run.  We will be running around the school after recess.  Please make sure you have running shoes tomorrow and are wearing good running clothes.  How many times do you think your child can run around the school?

Also, tomorrow, we will be having our Guess the Baby game.  Please make sure your child has sent a photo 4×6 size to school.  The more photos we have the better the game will be!  Maybe I will include my photo as well.

See you all soon,

Mme Rode

Come and see me tonight!

Hello Division 17,

Tonight is Meet the Teacher at Anderson.  Please come to our classroom for 6:30.  It is an informal open house where your child can show you around the classroom. I will be in the classroom till around 7:15.


  • Please introduce yourself (have your child do that!)
  • Please explore the classroom
  • Please chat with other students and families  (in my classroom please only speak in English or French to make sure that everyone feels included)
  • Please be aware that there are many families that I need to chat with so I may only have a few minutes to speak with you. I am really looking forward to meeting you!


  • is not the time to share academic concerns.  I have only had your child in my class for several days.
  • please do not let younger siblings play with classroom materials.  I will need to leave at 7:15 to get home to my family.
  • don’t forget to pick up important paperwork!

See you at 6:30!

Mme Rode

Book bag envelope

Hello division 17,
Here is a photo of a book bag envelope that I bought for my daughter.  I bought mine at dollarama for 2$.  We will be visiting the library on Monday for a book exchange so please purchase something like this before then.  Your child can also use it for home reading. I would like to start home reading next week as well.  This year I will not allow my classroom books to be sent home without a book envelope.
Thank you and see you tomorrow.
Mme Rode


Guess the baby!

Hello my friends in Division 17,

This week, I would love for the students to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby so we can play a guessing game to help build classroom community.  I would like to play the game on Friday.  Could you please send a photo (4×6) size to school before Friday.  If possible I would love to use this photo in the classroom along side a photo from this week as part of my back wall bulletin board (this is inside the classroom above the books).  This is where I showcase student art work.

As the game on Friday is a guessing game could you please send the photo in an envelope (with your child’s name on it) to keep the game alive.

Here is my baby last summer.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode