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Hello Division 19,

Today we were learning the verb être.  Here is a song that will help with the conjugation.  If the links do not work, cut and paste the address to get to Youtube.

Happy singing!

Mme Rode

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.16.08 AM




Hello Division 19,

In Math, we have been learning strategies to help learn our multiplication facts.  We have been focusing on the 2 and 4 times table because they are very closely linked.  With the 2 times table we have been focusing on doubles, and how to double numbers. With the 4 times table we have discovered that it is a double-double. We double the fact twice to get the answer.  For example 4×6, can easily be done as : 2×6 and then double the answer.  So if your child starts talking about a double-double, they are not talking about Tim Horton’s!

Please have your child practice doubling numbers and then also doubling the number again to help develop a good understanding for these times table facts.  However, all strategies are effective, this is just one that we have been working on in class.  Doubling numbers is fun!

Thank you,

Mme Rode