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Construction tomorrow!

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow we will be building.  Please bring any boxes or can to help with our project.  This is our final activity for our Geometry unit.

Also, tomorrow is Hot Food Day.  For this pizza day, students are able to order pizza at the school.  If you didn’t order online and would still like for your child to participate, please have your child bring money to school tomorrow.

And finally, Thursday is Breakfast club.

Have a great night!

Mme Rode


Newsletter for April

Newsletter for April

Hello Parents,

Welcome back after Spring Break. I hope you all had a lovely break with your children.

Please also note that our timetable has changed.

  • Lunch time now begins at 12:20 (not 12:00).
  • Computers is now Monday first block. 8:40 (I am doing parking lot duty on Monday mornings so please have your child hang up his/her belongings and then have him/her wait quietly on the bench outside the computer lab.)

This is what we will be doing for the month of April.


ei, ien, tion, c dur

French Language Arts

This month we will be focusing on reading with fluency and expression. Also, we will be focusing on including the liason when reading. The liason is when 2 words are connected together and read as if one word. These types of words are words that end with a consonant and the following word begins with a vowel for example: les amis. The s in les makes a z sound connecting to the word amis.


For our writing we will be continuing with non-fiction writing. We will be working on descriptive writing. During the time when the grade 3s go to English, the grade 2s will be working on story writing (fictional writing).


We will be continuing with verb conjugations. This month we will be focusing on the verbs AVOIR, ÊTRE, FAIRE and ALLER.


We have started a unit focusing on Multiplication and Division. Following this chapter we will be learning about fractions, which connects nicely with division.

Social Studies

We will be learning about Canada focusing mainly on the physical geography.

Important Dates for April

  • Wednesday April 1- Hot Food Day
  • Thursday April 2- Breakfast Club
  • Friday April 3 and Monday April 6- Easter Weekend
  • Monday April 13- Class Photo Day
  • Monday April 20- Professional Day
  • Friday April 24- Breakfast Club


Hello Division 19,

I hope you are all having a great Spring Break.  For our final activity for our Geometry unit we will be building with solids.  For this activity we will need lots and lots of interesting objects to build with.  That  being said…please save any boxes, tins,  rinsed out cans, toilet paper rolls or any other objects that we can use for this activity.  We would like to have a variety of prisms, cubes, cylinders, cones (if possible), pyramids (if possible).  If you would like your item(s) back, please write your name on the object(s).   This is a very hands-on way for your child to fully understand all the concepts that were taught during this unit.  I hope to build on Wednesday April 1st.

Thank you all and enjoy the rest of your Spring Break.

P.S. Don’t forget to return your report card envelopes.  Thank you 🙂

Mme Rode

New timetable

Hello Division 19,

Please take a look at our new time table.  We have switched to 50 minute blocks so this will affect our break times. Please pay special attention if you drop off lunches for your children. Lunch time now starts at 12:20 and not 12:00.  Also, Friday recess is now 10:25-10:55, which is earlier than we currently have.

One other note, due to this change in schedule, our Friday computer block has been moved.  Instead of having computers on Friday last block, your child will be having computers Monday first block.  This change will be starting immediately after Spring Break.

Anderson timetable new

I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break.

Mme Rode

Tomorrow March 13

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow is a very busy day.  It starts out with our friendly breakfast club at 8:15.  Please come to the gym and visit with our school community. I will pop in for a bit and I might have a little guest with me (Mia).

Also, at 11:30 we will be having our flash mob in the gym.  Students are encouraged to wear green to school tomorrow.  Parents are welcome, so if you are free at 11:30 come on by to the gym.

We are having our second French party tomorrow.  Your child is welcome to bring some snacks to share with the class.  They really wanted this option. I do not want to place any additional pressure  on families the night before Spring Break.  Please do not feel obligated to bring anything (and please don’t go out of your way and buy something).  If you have something at home that you child wishes to bring then have him/her bring it tomorrow, if not don’t worry. I made a little treat for them as well.

And finally, report cards will be sent home tomorrow.  Please check your child’s bag/agenda after school.  Please read the report and sign and return the envelope afterwards.  We will need this envelope for the final term report card.

Thank you and see tomorrow.

Mme Rode

March newsletter

Hello Division 19,

Please see below for the newsletter.  March calendar will follow in the next post.  Hope you had a lovely weekend.  It was so beautiful out today. My family and I went to Lily Point in Point Roberts for a walk.  If you ever have the chance and want to go on a beautiful walk you should check it out!  The lookout points are truly amazing, you look out south for miles and all you see is blue water.  On our walk, we saw tons of eagles and seals bobbing around the water.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode

Newsletter for March

Dear Parents,

This is what we will be doing for the month of March. There are only 12 instructional days in March so we will have to fit lots of work during those days!

Report cards will be going home this month. They will be handed out on March 13th. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s report card, you can book an appointment with me after Spring Break. I hope you all have a wonderful break with your children!


gn, eil/eille, ail/aille

 French Writing:

We are finishing our instructional writing unit. The next project will involve writing instructions on how to be “me”. I can’t wait to read the creative ideas! In April, we will continue with non-fiction writing but we will move to another focus.


We are finishing up with our geometry unit. We have been looking at 2D shapes and 3D solids. See if your child can find some of these shapes/solids around your home. For our final activity in this chapter we will be building with solids. Please keep some interesting boxes and containters because we will be needing all sorts of solids for this activity. This will be happening after Spring Break. I will post information on the blog closer to this date.


We are continuing with our structures unit. We have been looking at different parts of buildings and how to make structures more stable. Please keep sending in paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls. Thank you.

Important Dates for March

  • March 13- Report Cards go home
  • Spring Break- March 16-27
  • March 30- school re-opens

We will be doing a flash mob dance in the gym on March 13. The song is Waka Waka Africa by Shakira. We have been practicing the dance moves in class. Please have your child wear green to school that day. The whole school will be performing on the 13th! It should be very neat to watchJ.


Stable structures part 1

Hello Division 19,

This week as part of our structures unit we were focusing on the foundations of buildings.  We learned that buildings need strong and stable foundations to remain upright.  Yesterday and today we completed a building challenge. Students were given 1 paper towel roll, classroom materials (math manipulatives), a roll of tape and 2 pieces of card stock paper.  They had to stabilize the paper towel roll to with stand the wind from the powerful méchant loup.  Students had to come up with a plan and then they worked on executing the plan they created.

Things they discovered:

  • adding materials to the tube helped with stability
  • adding too much to the tube made the tube unstable
  • adding supports low down on the tube helped with stability

Hope you enjoy the videos.

Stable structures part 1.

Stable structures 2.

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode