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Hot Food Day

Hello Division 19,

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the last day to get a free student ticket to the Richmond Sockeyes Hockey game.  Adult tickets are being sold for $2.

As well, FRIDAY is the last day to order for the next hot food day which is Wednesday February 4th. If you would like to order for this hot food day, please visit the website  No cash will be accepted day of, so please get your orders in by Friday.  The next food day is PIZZA.

Have a great evening!

Mme Rode


Subtraction magic!

Hello Division 19,

A subtraction strategy to try

Here is a subtraction strategy to try that makes double/triple digit subtraction a real breeze! Thanks to my sister who went to a math workshop with the wonderful Carole Fullerton (the Richmond Math consultant) who taught me this strategy yesterday!

How to use this strategy


456 -284

First make 284 a friendly number by adding 16 to the number. **A friendly number is a number that ends with 0, such as a ten, a hundred, a thousand (etc).**

This makes 284 a friendly number of 300. Since you added 16 to the bottom number, you will need to add 16 to 456 changing it to 472. Now simply subtract: 472-300 and you will get the answer. 172. Of course you can use a more traditional method and you will get the same answer.

This strategy works great with double digit subtraction. Let’s try…

84-38. To make 38 a friendly number of 40 you would need to add 2 to 38, and then since you added 2 to 38, you must add 2 to 84. Your new friendly subtraction sentence becomes 86-40, which is easily done in your head to get the answer 46.

Try this strategy with your child. It will really help with mental math computation for subtraction.

Have a great evening!

Mme Rode

Backwards Day!

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edoR emM

Here is the text in the normal direction!  Have a great evening!

Hello Division 19,

Today we had a backwards day afternoon as our first class party. We had lots of fun saying our names backwards, reading words backwards and moving around backwards. Hope you have a great backwards evening. Fun fact for tonight, did you know that January 31 is International Backwards Day!
See you,
Mme Rode

January Calendar

Hello Division 19,

Here is the calendar for the month of January.  Please remember that Monday is a professional day and Wednesday is Subway lunch day (please order using Munchalunch website).

I have also added the words of the week on the blog. Please take a look and have your child practice sounding out these words both reading and writing.  These will be bonus words for the test on Wednesday.  There are some interesting words on our list so have your child help you learn some new words.  This is very good for his/her French vocabulary development.

Have a great weekend,

Mme Rode

January Calendar (this is a printable PDF version)

January Calendar


Hello Division 19,

Please be advised that I have updated the dictée list B for the upcoming week. I will update it on the blog as well as send another hard copy home (I will send it on a different colored paper so you will know that this is the updated list). After giving the test yesterday I felt that those sentences were too long and perhaps 3 was a bit too many for List B.  So for the upcoming week, I have cut it down to 2 sentences. It is important for the children to understand what they are writing rather than just memorizing letters.

List A is most appropriate for grade 2 students.  Please do not stress your child out and have them complete both A and B lists if they are finding it to be too much.  List B is geared towards my grade 3 students.  Students are more than welcome to do a combination of both lists such as: 1 sentence of A, 1 B or 2 A, 1B etc.  But if you are seeing that your child is struggling and making too many errors then they need to scale back what they are doing for the dictée.  It is most important that they understand the sound of the week and how the simple French grammar works in each sentence.

Please visit my dictée page on the menu bar to see my letter home to parents as well as the page dedicated to how to support your child at home with the dictée.

Thank you,

Newsletter for January

Hello Division 19,

Thank you again to everyone who is following the blog. It makes it so much easier to communicate with all my classroom families. Here is what we will be learning for the month of January.


This month we will be focusing on the sounds eu, eur, and oi. We will also be working on learning French grammar such as reviewing masculine and feminine nouns, and learning about adjectives. In French, feminine adjectives need a proper feminine accord and we will be working on using this accord in our writing. We are also trying to use a variety of vocabulary indicating different “time” in our writing, using more interesting words such as autrefois, tout à coup, pendant (just to name a few).


This month we are focusing on subtraction strategies. We will be doing 2 digit (grade 2) and 3 digit (grade 3). We will be focusing on using a variety of strategies such as estimation, mental math, manipulatives, algorithms (this is the standard way that most often used) and calculators. It would be beneficial for your child to help review subtraction facts starting from 18 to help your child feel confident with subtraction. In my experience, children most often feel confident with addition but when it comes to subtraction, feel less confident. Please help by practicing at home.

Social Studies

This month we will be starting a unit on mapping. Fun activities at home could be using Google maps, or even pulling out an atlas to read.

Physical Education

We are in the gym 2 times per week with Division 18. We have been working on throwing and catching.

Important Dates for January

  • Monday January 19-Professional Day
  • Wednesday January 21- Subway Food Day (munchalunch orders must be done online this time)
  • Please note that the dictée has changed to Wednesday

See you,

Mme Rode

Class schedule posted

Hello Division 19,

Our class schedule has now been updated.  This page is password protected.  The password was sent home in the letter last Monday.  If you still need the password, I will have your child write it his/her agenda on Monday or just pop in and see me.

Also, please take a look at our beautiful art work.  This week the students were working with warm and cool colors.  They did a fabulous job.

Don’t forget to send scissors to school as well as a set of spare clothes. I haven’t received any spare clothes yet and I would like to have a set for everyone.

Happy weekend!

Mme Rode 🙂