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June Newsletter

 mardi le 3 juin 2014

Chers parents,

Les nouvelles de la division 20:

During the month of May,the students enjoyed working on the following activities:

French Language Arts: In reading and writing, we were working on expanding vocabulary using a bank of vocabulary words and the primary dictionary to extend thinking. In speaking, drama was introduced to students to create stories using imagination. Students have enjoyed the activities and have shown their talents and creativity for acting

Math: We have wrapped up unit 6 Geometry; Shape and Space. Students have greatly enjoyed working on the unit by sorting 2-D shapes and 3- D objects and identifying common attributes of 2-D shapes and 3-D objects. Each student enjoyed constructing a variety of 3-D objects.

Themes: In our ‘Properties of Matter’ science unit, we have conducted a variety of investigations that focused on the properties and interactions of liquids and solids. In our Social Studies unit ‘La Cartographie’ (Mapping), we learned how to interpret simple maps using cardinal directions, symbols, and simple legends. In our Social Studies project, ‘Bienvenue dans mon village touristique’, students enjoyed learning about French speaking countries in the world and were busy preparing their ‘World Traveller’s Passports’, back packs and jeeps to learn about their chosen country.

Chers amis (es), Bravo to you all!


This is what we will be doing in the month of June:

Dictée Sounds: l blends, r blends, ette.

French Language Arts: In reading and writing, we will continue our focus on expanding vocabulary using a bank of vocabulary words and the primary dictionary to extend thinking.

Math: We will start Unit 7: Statistics and Probability (Data Analysis). We will formulate a question that can be answered by gathering information about self and others, organize data as it is collected using concrete objects, checkmarks, charts, or lists and create a concrete graph to display.

Themes: We will continue to learn about our ‘Properties of Matter’, ‘Mapping’ and working on our Social Studies’ project.


*Important note: Due to current circumstances of job action, unfortunately we are not able to plan any field trips and have difficulty to plan other events for the students and their parents. We will definitely let you know if there is any possibility to plan any event.

I would like to thank all the parents for your cooperation and support. It has been a pleasure knowing you and teaching your child.


Important dates to remember:

  • Ander’ Fun Day: Friday June 6
  • Last School Day: Thursday June 26


Important reminders: Please check:

  • Anderson School website/calendar for daily, weekly and monthly school events
  • Your child’s agenda for daily reminders


The following items are posted in our classroom blog:

  • Dictée for the month of June


Have a wonderful summer!

Mme Atallah