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May Newsletter

jeudi le 1 mai 2014

Chers parents,
I hope that every one of you had an enjoyable Easter!

Les nouvelles de la division 20:
During the month of April, the students enjoyed working on the following activities:
In French Language Arts, we were working on enhancing our reading comprehension by expanding vocabulary (Élargir son vocabulaire) using the primary dictionary to extend thinking. In writing, students practiced writing on different topics and worked together to proofread their work for content and conventions using the Conference Strategy.
Math: We have wrapped up Unit 5 applying one important mental math strategy by using double digit addition and subtraction. We have started unit 6 on Geometry; Shape and Space by sorting 2-D shapes and identifying common attributes of 2-D shapes. Each student enjoyed creating his/her own angry bird using a variety of geometric shapes.
Themes: In our ‘Water, Air, and Soil’ Science Unit, we have conducted a variety of investigations and experiences to test soil and compare soil layers before we wrapped up the unit. We have started a new unit on ‘Properties of Matter’ (Les proprietés de la matière). In our Social Studies unit, we have started our new unit about ‘La Cartographie’ (Mapping).
Art: First, we have welcomed the spring season with beautiful butterflies that students had made and posted in our classroom wall. Moreover, we enjoyed making eggs for Easter and due to rainy weather, we had lots of fun hunting chocolate and candy inside the classroom.
Chers amis (es) of Division 20, Bravo to you all!

This is what we will be doing in the month of May:
Dictée Sounds: C doux, qu, G dur, G doux.
French Language Arts:
In reading and writing, we will continue our focus on expanding vocabulary using a bank of vocabulary words and the primary dictionary to extend thinking. In speaking, drama will be introduced to students to create stories using imagination. Our Show and Tell ‘Montre et Raconte’ activity will be more focused. Please help your child to prepare one night before his/her sharing day ‘ami (e) spécial (e)’ to chose an item to share with the class, record 3 clues about it and be prepared to say between 2 and 5 sentences about the item.
Math: We will continue working on unit 6 Geometry; Shape and Space.
Themes: In our ‘Properties of Matter’ science unit, investigations that focus on the properties and interactions of liquids and solids will provide many opportunities for observing and recording. In our Social Studies unit, we will continue to learn about ‘La Cartographie’ (Mapping). We will learn how to interpret simple maps using cardinal directions, symbols, and simple legends. We will be starting a project ‘Bienvenue dans mon village touristique’.

Important dates to remember:
• Hot Lunch Day: Wednesday May 7 at 12:00 pm
• Pro D Day: Friday May 16 (No School)
• Victoria Day: Monday May 19 (No School)

Important reminders: Please check:
• Anderson School website/calendar for daily, weekly and monthly school events
• Your child’s agenda for daily reminders

The following items are posted in our classroom blog:
• Dictée for the month of May

Have a great month!
Mme Atallah


Blog is back!

Hello Division 20!

It was so nice to see you all today.  I have missed you all and you have all grown so much.

I have fixed the blog and it is back!  All your favorite pages and links are in the menus.  If you find some neat  links that you would like me to add, write it in the comments or tell Mme Atallah and she can email them to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and that you find many many eggs to eat!  I know a certain someone who is very excited for an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday!!

See you soon! 🙂

Mme Rode


Blog under construction

Hello Division 20,

Just to let you know that the blog is under construction for the next week.  All the links are down for the week as I reorganize the pages. I will do my best to get it up and running again shortly.

I will be at Anderson next Tuesday working on it after school.

Hope you all are doing well.

See you,

Mme Rode:)