March Newsletter

lundi le 3 mars 2014

Chers parents,

Les nouvelles de la division 20:

During the month of February, the students enjoyed working on the following activities:

In French Language Arts, while reading a variety of stories, students made and shared their connections.

In Math, we worked on the unit of Measurement. Students had fun while learning about measurement using non-standard units to estimate, measure, and record the length, height, perimeter and weight of an object.

In Science, we have explored different characteristics of water. Students enjoyed working on their ‘Le cycle d’eau’ (Water Cycle) hands-on projects.

In Social Studies, students have worked hard doing some research about Canadian animals. Each student has chosen an animal to draw and learn about different characteristics such as; appearance, habitat, food, predators, and other interesting facts.

In Art, we explored Valentine’s activities for Valentine’s Day. Also, students of both divisions 19 and 20 sang a variety of classroom repertoires and practiced French folklore dance.

On our Pink Shirt Day, there was a raise of awareness about the importance of demonstrating social responsibility at all times. Students of Division 20 have participated in a Pink Day message to create a culture of care in our school using both our hearts and our hands.

Chers amis (es) of Division 20, Bravo to all of you!

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents and students who have showed up to the Parent Teacher Conferences. It was a great pleasure for me to meet with all of you.

This is what we will be doing in the month of March.

Dictée Sounds: eil, ail.

French Language Arts: We will focus on the theme of ‘Le Carnaval de Quebec,’ our Canadian heritage. In writing, students continue to practice writing on different topics and proofread their work for conventions.

Art: We will be practicing singing and dancing to ‘La chanson du Carnaval de Québec’.

Math: We will be wrapping up our unit of Measurement. We will be starting unit 5 to learn about Mental Mathematic Strategies. We will apply one important mental math strategy by using double digit addition and subtraction.


In our ‘Water, Air and Soil’ Science unit, we will continue our unit by moving on to learn about air.

In our Social Studies unit, we are working towards finishing our unit on Canada. The next unit will be Mapping. We will learn to interpret simple maps using cardinal directions, symbols, and simple legends.

Important dates to remember:

Hot Food Day: March 5

Spring Break from March 17 to March 30, 2014

Important reminders: Please check:

  • Anderson School website/calendar for daily, weekly and monthly school events
  • Your child’s agenda for daily reminders

The following items are posted in our classroom blog:

  • Dictée for the month of March
  • La Chanson du Carnaval de Québec
  • Useful links

Have a nice Spring Break!

Mme Atallah



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