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February Newsletter

lundi le 3 février 2014

Chers parents,

Happy Chinese New Year to all!


Les nouvelles de la division 20:

During the month of January, the students enjoyed working on the following activities:

In French Language Arts, we were working on enhancing our reading comprehension by making and sharing our connections during our literacy circles.

In Math, we have found a great interest in the unit of measurement so we wish to stay just there!

In Science, we conducted our apple experiment, learning about water and earth, and have explored different characteristics of water.

In Social Studies, while learning about Canada, we have watched the ‘Panorama du Canada’ documentary and played “Canada’s provinces/ territories’ and capitals” game.

In Arts, we thought to explore some Chinese characters for Chinese New Year. Also, students of both divisions 19 and 20 sang a variety of classroom repertoire songs and practiced French folklore dance.

Chers amis (es), Bravo to all of you! Keep it up!!


This is what we will be doing in the month of February.

Dictée Sounds: ein, ain, ille, gn

Math: We are continuing with our unit on Measurement using non-standard units to estimate, measure, and record the length, height, distance around and weight of an object. We will be comparing and ordering the measure of two or more objects.

Themes: In our Science unit, we will continue to learn about the characteristics of water and then move on to learning about air and soil.

In our Social Studies unit, we are continuing with our unit on Canada.

Parent Teacher Conferences: I will be sending the parent teacher conference booking forms home. It is important to return the form with all available conference options selected. If it is important to see me on Wednesday, February 19th, please return your form as quickly as possible. I book the times on a first come first serve basis.

Important dates to remember:

Wednesday, February 5th: HOT LUNCH DAY (Pizza)

Friday, February 14th: Breakfast Club (Valentine Theme)

Monday Feb 10th:  Family Day (No School)

Tuesday, February 11th: PRO D DAY (No school)


Important reminders: Please check:

  • Anderson School website/ calendar for daily, weekly and monthly school events
  • Your child’s agenda for daily reminders

The following items are posted in our classroom blog:

  • Dictée for the month of February
  • Mots-theme (Canada)
  • Mots-theme (Carnaval de Québec)

Have a great month!

Mme Atallah