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Last week details

Hello Division 19,

We had an amazing time today at the Indoor Beach.  This week is a very short week so here are some important details:

  • Please have your child bring several bags tomorrow (reusable bags are the best because they hold better than plastic ones).  All school work will be coming home tomorrow
  • Wednesday is the LAST day of school.  In the morning there will be the farewell assembly for the grade 7s and leaving staff.  Dismissal that day is 3:00
  • Thursday is a PROFESSIONAL DAY and the school is not open for student instruction. Please do not send you child to school that day.

I can’t believe it is the last week of school.  The school re-opens Tuesday, September 3rd. Please send your child to school that day at 1:00 pm.

See you,

Mme Rode



Happy weekend

Hello Division 19,

Hope everyone had a fun day at Ander’sun’ Day.  We were so lucky to have great weather today.

Today I passed out the report cards.  If your child’s report card didn’t make it home, please come and let me know and I can make you another copy.

Another reminder for Monday’s field trip.  A handy suggestion was made to me today…please have your child bring a spare set of pants so that he/she can change after playing in the sand.  Also, please have your child bring a plastic bag so we have somewhere to put the sandy clothes (and we don’t get the cars all sandy).

Have a great weekend.  Last week starts Monday.  Do you have any fun summer plans?????

See you all Monday,

Mme Rode

Mme Rode

Ander’sun’ Day is a go!

Hello Division 19,

Well so far we are lucky with the weather and Ander’sun’ Day is a go.  Please bring your child in his/her team colors.

See you all out on the field.  We have 2 groups going today.  If you child is in Grade 1, he/she will be in the smaller circle for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students.  These students will be closer to MacNeil high school.  If your child is in Grade 2, he/she will be part of the big circle for students from 2-6.  This circle is closest to the school playground. 

I will be at station 2 for the K/1 circle.

See you all very soon,

Mme Rode


Ander’sun’ Day

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow is Ander’sun’ day.  Hopefully the weather will co-operate.  Please assume that the day will be a go and if it is pouring down rain, then the event will be canceled.  Your child is to dress in his/her team color, either red, blue, green or yellow.  If you are not sure if Ander’sun’ day is happening, please check the school website to double check.

The forecast according to the states: tomorrow’s forecast is- cloudy with showers for the morning and cloudy for the afternoon.  Maybe we will be lucky as often the forecasts can be wrong!

The only way it will be canceled is if it is pouring down rain or the field is extremely wet from overnight rain.  If it is cloudy/overcast, the event will be happening.

Think sun!

Mme Rode

Field Trip Monday!

Hello Division 19,

Today I am sending home a field trip reminder form.  Below is the exact in case the form doesn’t make its way to your house.

On Monday, we will be going on our year end field trip to 6 Pack Indoor Beach.  Please have your child bring the following items:


  • his/her booster seat (since we are using parent drivers all children will need to use a booster seat to go to the venue)
  • An easy to eat lunch such as a sandwich, a granola bar, cut up fruit or veggies, a juice box etc. Please do not send a themos lunch to school that day.
  • his/her water bottle
  • comfortable beach clothing such as shorts, a t-shirt, please no dresses or jeans (your child will be digging and playing in the sand).

We will be at the 6 Pack Beach from 11-1.  We will be leaving Anderson at 10:45 and returning at 1:30.

Parents: if you are driving please be at the school no later than 10:30 that day so we can be on time at the beach.  Thank you again for volunteering!

Looking forward to a fun day,

Mme Rode

Library Books

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow is our last visit to the library. Last week your child took a book home and it is very important to have the book returned tomorrow.  Please double check that your child has his/her library book for tomorrow.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

June calendar and newsletter

Dear Parents,

Here is the final calendar and final newsletter for the 2012-2013 school year.  They are both PDF files so they should be easy to open.

June Newsletter

June Calendar

This month we will be celebrating our June birthdays as well as our July and August birthdays.  If your child has a birthday in July or August, we have already chosen a in-class birthday for him/her.  Your child knows his/her in-class birthday, but if you would like to confirm with me, please pop in the classroom and I can show you the date.

Have a great day,

Mme Rode