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New pages for the blog

Hello Division 19,

Happy Spring Break.  Finally it is nice out after all that wind and rain!

I added 2 new pages on the blog.  One is a page dedicated to French reading sites.  I found a teacher’s website and she had these excellent links.  So why not add them here too!  They are located under the “for kids” page and the sub-page is called French Reading sites.  I will add more links when I get a chance.

I also made a new page under “les chansons”.  On this page, there are many songs for the Carnaval de Quebec.

Enjoy the new pages.  Now I need to get out in this sunshine.

See you,

Mme Rode


Spring Break

Hello Division 19,

I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Spring Break.  Tomorrow, there is no school and today is our last day together.  The school will re-open after the Easter Break on Tuesday, April 2nd.  Have a Happy Easter.  I hope the Easter Bunny visits all of your houses and leaves lots of yummy treats.  He came last year to my house and it was a chocolate party for the whole day!  Keep in mind this picture was taken at 6:15 am!

Have a great break!

Mme Rode

I love chocolate!

Costume Party

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow, we will be having a party to celebrate speaking in French.  The children chose the theme for the party.  Tomorrow, the theme is a costume party, yes I know, again it was their choice! (my apologies!)  Please do not go out and buy anything for this party, use anything you have at home.  Your child also does not need to dress up, that part of the afternoon is optional.

Please send your child’s costume to school in a labeled bag.  They will be changing into their costumes in the afternoon.  If possible, please do not have your child wear a mask.  It makes it very difficult for him/her to function well in the classroom.

Also, an important newsletter was sent home today.  Please discuss the items in the newsletter with your child.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

March Newsletter and Calendar

Hello Division 19,

Attached are the March class newsletter and calendar.

Please remember to send back the green paper so that you can start receiving the school newsletter to your email inbox.  This is a very helpful way for the school to communicate with the parent community, and it helps save so much paper for the school.  Did you know that every newsletter is copied 625 times and to think that most newsletters are 2-3 pages.  That is a lot of paper being used!!! So please return the green paper to the office as soon as you can.

Also, this Friday is the deadline for T-shirt orders for the school musical.  The cost is $4.00. If you would like to see the T-shirt sizes, you can see samples at the office on the lunch table.

March Newsletter

March Calendar

Thank you,

Mme Rode

We are learning about Carnaval!

Hello Division 19,

This week we are learning about Carnaval.  It is a 2 week festival that is held in Quebec City every year in early February.  It is a fun carnival in the snow.  I went in 2011 and it was so much fun, well, as much fun as it can be with a stroller in the snow!

Here is a great video showing all the activities that happen during this festival.

Here is a song that the children loved listening to in class today.

Here is the Carnaval theme song:

I hope you get a chance to go one day.  It is awesome!

Mme Rode