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Field trip tomorrow!

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow we will be going to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  We will be traveling by public transit (bus and Canada Line).

To keep our trip as organized and as simple as possible, we will not be bringing our lunches.  We will eat a big snack at school at 10:00, and have another big snack/lunch when we get back.  Please send easy to eat snacks such as: cut up fruit, granola bars, yogurt, crackers so we can eat and get ready to leave at 10:25.

Parents, if you are coming to help supervise, please be at the school by 10:25 and please meet at my classroom.

After the show, we will leave the Orpheum right away and take the Canada Line back to Richmond.

Looking forward to a fun day!

Mme Rode


Pink Shirt Day

Hello Parents,

Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day to support the anti-bullying campaign.  Please have your child wear something pink/red/purple or something close to help support this important cause.

Also, today I sent home a newsletter promoting a very important event that is happening at Anderson.  On Tuesday March 5th, there will be a presentation at Anderson focusing on online safety.  I believe that in today’s world where the internet is at everyone’s fingers, it is so important to know how to support our children in using the internet in a safe and respectful way. 

It is a free event and it starts at 6:30.  The Anderson PAC generously paid for the presenter, and a big thank you goes out to them.

Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow.  I will post tomorrow about important details for our fieldtrip to the VSO.

Mme Rode

High Tech High Touch 13-02-25

Hello Division 19,

Today we had our in-class science day.  We had a visit from High Tech High Touch science and it was so much fun.  We did some chemistry and learned about solids, liquids and gases.  We will be studying more about matter after Spring Break, so this session was a great introduction.  In this video, you can see some of the experiments we did today.

For the first experiment we talked about cohesion.  We poked skewers into a plastic bag and saw that no water came out.  Then we learned how to make a gas by mixing a solid (baking soda) and a liquid (vinegar).  I love this experiment and I do it with Ava on many rainy days.  If you are looking for a way to keep your child away from the tv on a rainy day, give them a tray with baking soda and little bowls of vinegar (with food coloring) and see all the bubbles!  I have a video from today but it is on my phone and until I can figure out how to upload it, you will have to have your child show you what we were doing.  The final experiment we did was making goop.  Hopefully, you were able to see it today after school.  This goop is a lot of fun to make and play with. It calls for 2 ingredients, corn starch and water (with food coloring to make it fun!).  Start with 1/4 cup of cornstarch.  Slowly add water until it gets goopy but not too liquidy.  Start playing with it!  The goop will behave like a liquid AND a solid!

Here is the video from today.

High Tech High Touch 13-02-25

See you,

Mme Rode

100 days of school!

Hello Division 19,

Who is 100 days smarter???? We are!!!!!

Wednesday February 20th is our 100th day of school.  Ih honor of this special day, please have your child send a collection of 100 items to school.  Collections can be simples such as 100 pennies or 100 cheerios, or 100 stickers or 100 toothpicks.  All it needs to be is something that your child can count.

Happy collecting….

100th_day_of_school Mme Rode

Regarde c’est un lapin!

Hello Division 19,

Today we had a guest come from the SPCA to talk to us about pets.  The lady brought in a rabbit and spoke to us about how to take care of a pet.  We learned lots about rabbits.  Did you know that they live for at least 10 years.

Booboo is the rabbit who came to visit us today. He was a very friendly rabbit.  Everyone who wanted to got a chance to give him a couple of pets.

Regarde c’est un lapin!.

Have a nice weekend,

Mme Rode

Fieldtrip to the VSO

Hello Parents,

On Thursday February 28th, we will be going to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  I have already sent home the permission slip.  If you haven’t received one yet, please let me know and I will make you another copy.

For this fieldtrip, we will be taking public transit.  We will be taking the bus and the Canada Line to downtown Vancouver.  It would be very helpful if some parents could help supervise the students on public transit that day. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough space to have parents come to the show, but, while we were at the show you could have a coffee and relax and wait for us to come out. The show lasts 1 hour.

If you are able to come on public transit with us, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mme Rode