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Les amis de 10

Hello Division 19,

We are continuing with our unit of addition and subtraction.  It is very helpful for your child to know the “friends of ten” or “les amis de 10”.  It is to the tune of “so do la fa mi do ré” from the Sound of Music.  For grade 1s, we were working on friends of 10 and the grade 2s were working on friends of 20, which is an extension of friends of 10.

It would be great to practice this song at home with your child. I will file it under math songs.

0     10

1     9

2 et 8

3     7

4     6

5  et 5

6     4

7     3

8  et 2

9     1

puis c’est 10      0

It is catchy and helps them remember the friends of 10!

See you,

Mme Rode


Cloche de Noel

Hello Division 19,

We will be singing 2 songs at the Winter Concert.  One of the songs is called Cloche de Noel.  I have attached the sheet music for those students who want to practice this song at home.  There are 4 pages.  3 of the pages show the song using both hands to play and the 4th page shows just the right hand.  Sorry the PDF files are not better labeled. I am using a PC right now and usually I use a MAC.





See you.  Don’t forget tomorrow is library day!

Mme Rode

Skating field trip

Hello Division 19,

Today I sent home a field trip notice for skating at Minoru Arena.  It will be on Monday December 10.  The cost will be $3.50.  We will be walking to the venue with 3 other classes.  It would be greatly appreciated if parents could come and walk with us and help tie up skates.  I have been with my class before and it was lots of fun (and a bit cold too).  Please dress your child in layers and warmly so that they don’t get cold.  I found that my fingers and toes were the parts that were freezing.  Please don’t send any money for the concession or the vending machines.

See you,

Mme Rode

Show and tell

Hello Division 19,

We have started our science unit on Force and Motion.  Today we were talking about pushing and pulling objects.  Tomorrow, I would like the students to do a show and tell.  Please have your child look around your house for an object that they can bring to school to show how it can be pushed or pulled.  It needs to be something that fits into your child’s backpack.  Please make sure that the object is nothing too special or valuable.

Today I sent home the field trip notice. Please send the permission slip and $10 back to school in an envelope or ziplock bag before November 23rd.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

Fieldtrip December 3

Hello Division 19,

Happy Friday night!  I am busy doing report cards and I thought I would let you all know of our upcoming field trip.

Division 19 will be going to 4 Cats Art Studio for an art field trip.  We will be walking to the studio which is at the corner of Blundell and Garden City (about a 20 minute walk), 160 – 8040 Garden City Richmond.  We will be walking rain or shine so please dress your child appropriately.  (I am really hoping that we don’t get an early snowfall this year).

At the studio, the students will be making a Van Gogh canvas art project. The cost for the field trip is $10.  I will be sending home a permission form early next week.  Please return the permission form with the money as soon as you can.  Parents are welcome to join us so please come and join the artists of Division 19 for a morning of art fun!

Looking forward to this field trip.  Back to the reports!

See you Monday and have a wonderful weekend!

Mme Rode

Newsletter and Calendar

Hello Division 19,

The newsletter and calendar are ready.  Please click on the PDF files to be up to date with what we are doing in Division 19.

novembre calendar

November Newsletter

Please remember that there is no school on Monday and Tuesday.  I have posted the dictée for next week so you can practice at home with your child on the days we aren’t in session.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mme Rode

French apps

Hello Division 19,

I have found a list of French apps that can be played on an i-phone and i-pad.  There are trial lite versions that you can try and if you like you can purchase them.  I have had some little friends try out the apps to see if they are good.  These were the ones that they enjoyed the most.

To search for these French apps you go to the Apple Store and search:

  • La coccinelle
  • La forêt
  • 3 petits cochons (online book and games)
  • Cendrillon (Cinderella)

Hope you enjoy them,

Mme Rode