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Math Numbers to 100

Hello Division 19,

Here are a bunch of videos with numbers to 100.  I have filed them under Vocabulary-Math if you would to review them again.  Vincent la Grenouille has a bunch of videos on Youtube to help develop French vocabulary.

See you,

Mme Rode

Here are a bunch of Youtube videos with Vincent la Grenouille saying numbers to 100 in French.












Thank you!

Hello Division 19,

Thank you so much for coming to Meet the Teacher night.  It was wonderful meeting you all and chatting with you.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend I will see you Monday.  Don’t forget to get the plastic folder.  Home Reading starts Monday!

I will post some videos for numbers in French in my next posts.

See you,

Mme Rode

Home Reading

Dear Parents,

Monday October 1st will be the first day of the Home Reading Program.  In order for your child to bring home books, he/she will need a plastic envelope.  You can purchase them at any dollar store. I bought one at Dollarama for 1$.  These envelopes will help protect the classroom books.  Please label your child’s plastic folder/envelope.

Thank you,

Mme Rode

Come and meet me tomorrow night!

Hello Division 19,

Thursday night is Meet the Teacher night at Anderson.  Please come and drop by the class and say hi!

The event will start at 6;00.  From 6-6:15 it will be chance for your child to show you around the classroom.  I will be talking to the group at 6:15 to go over some important information for Division 19.  If you are coming, please try and be there for 6:15.  At 6:30, everyone will be called down to the gym so all the teachers can be introduced to the school community.

See you,

Mme Rode


Division 19 websites they love!

Hello Division 19,

Here are some fun websites I use in class that are VERY popular with the students.

The bouncy balls website monitors noise.  The goal is to keep the balls still, but it is REALLY fun to make noise to see them bounce!

The other website I use is for a countdown timer.  I often use the egg timer as my countdown clock but sometimes I will use the bomb one because the kids LOVE it.  Try it when you need them to get something done within a time frame.  The timers are great visuals because they can actually see how long they have.

And here is a French games website I found tonight on PINTEREST.  I love that website.  Follow me if you want, I love pinning French stuff, great recipes and fun kiddie things too.

This French website has games and activities all in French, separated by age level and subject.

I will create a new page for classroom favorites such as the timers and the balls and I will file the French games website on my games page.

Have a good night!

Don’t forget it is Meet the Teacher night on Thursday.  I hope that many of you can make it.    It is at 6 pm.

See you all!

Mme Rode

Agendas went home today

Hello Division 19,

Here is a copy of the newsletter I sent home with your child’s agenda.

Your child has now received his/her agenda.  Your child will be bringing his/her agenda home every dayYou must sign your child’s agenda next to my signature every day and have your child return it to school.

The agendas MUST come back to school everyday.  The agendas form an important part of our Health and Career Education curriculum.

On Mondays, the dictée words/sentences will be stapled into your child’s agenda.  Please sign your name on the dictée page so that I know you have seen the homework.  Please practice the words/sentences with your child every day so that he/she will be ready for the test on Friday.

Everyday your child will copy a simple sentence to practice his/her French language development.  Please discuss with your child the meaning of each sentence.  Also, classroom activities and school reminders will be copied into your child’s agenda.

If you want to write me a note, please do so in your child’s agenda.  This book is a wonderful way to communicate between school and home!

See you,

Mme Rode

Friendly reminder :)

Hello Division 19!

This is a friendly reminder for supplies your child needs at school.

Please send small scissors with a little point.  We do many cutting and pasting activities in many areas of the curriculum and your child will need his/her own pair.  Please label the scissors and send them to school soon.

Please send a spare set of clothes.  Spills, falls outside in the mud happen and if we don’t have spare clothes your child will be uncomfortable.

Please send all office forms back to the school.  I cannot start using the agendas until everyone has paid.

Please send classroom information pages back to Mme Rode.  I need this information for my inclass binder.

Don’t forget to “follow” the blog so you can get up to date information.

See you,

Mme Rode

Dictée is starting!

Hello Division 19,

Today is the first day/week of our dictée program.  I sent home a parent information page with the dictée words/sentences with your child.  I have also created support pages on the dictée page on this blog.  Please visit these pages to help with pronunciation and word definition.

Hope this helps.  If you have any questions about the dictée please come and see me after school.

See you,

Mme Rode