Field Trip to the hotel

Hello Division 19,

Next Tuesday we will be going to the YVR Fairmont Hotel.  This should be an amazing field trip because we will be able to see our chefs working in the kitchen.

We are so fortunate to have enough parent drivers so this will be a FREE field trip.  For the parents who volunteered to drive, we will need to leave the school at 10:30.  Each child will be bringing his/her own booster seat for this trip.  When you get to the airport, please park in the parkade on the top level.  You will be given a parking voucher from the hotel for this excursion.  We will be leaving the hotel at around 1pm.

This will be our final Growing Chefs lesson.  The chefs will be presenting graduation certificates to the students.  As well, the students will get a chance to sample a stirfry and a pea soup.  I am still encouraging all students to bring their lunches as sometimes not all students like what has been made.

I will send a hardcopy information letter home later this week.

See you,

Mme Rode

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