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Have a good summer!

Hello Division 19,

Wow, what a year and what a great last week.  I just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful class community.  Please check back here from time to time as I will be doing some posts over the summer.  I will try and upload any neat things/websites/activities to try throughout the summer.

Have a wonderful summer and a Happy Canada Day.

Now I just need to figure out who to cheer for on Sunday’s game now that Germany has been eliminated 😦

Let the summer begin….

Mme Rode


Cirque du Soleil

Hello Division 19,

Wow, what an amazing parent turnout for our presentation today.  The students were so excited and a little bit nervous to perform for all of you.  I could tell they were nervous at the beginning because they were all hiding in the back of the gym!  But they got more comfortable as the performance went on.

I loved working with the children in the gym this year.  We did all sorts of neat stuff.  For our Cirque presentation my favorite part has always been the hoop portion.  I loved watching them use the hoops in many ways and hold different balance poses.  I think the students’ favorite part was either juggling or using the mats.

Thank you again for coming today.

Please remind your child to send a couple of bags to school tomorrow.  It is clean up day!  And our last official day will be Thursday. Students will be dismissed at 11:00.

See you,

Mme Rode

This week!

Hello Division 19,

This is our last week together for 2012/2013.  This week all the workbooks will be going home.  Everyday a couple of books will be coming home. Please send re-usable shopping bags to school for Wednesday so your child can send EVERYTHING home.  RE-usable shopping bags are much better than plastic ones because they hold more and don’t rip.

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 26th we will be doing our Cirque performance in the gym.  If you are able to join us that would be fantastic.  Our gym period is at 1:35.  We will start the performance at 1:45.  Please come with your imagination to enjoy all the different movement techniques.

Today we are going to the Indoor Beach.  It should be a great trip!

Have a great day and see you soon!

Mme Rode


6 pack Indoor Beach

Hello Division 19,

Wow, we sure lucked out with the weather today.  I hope everyone enjoyed Ander’sun’ Day.  I was working on the K/1 stations so I didn’t get a chance to see how the other stations were doing.

Today I sent home a reminder notice for our fieldtrip Monday.

Each student will need to:

  1. bring a booster seat
  2. bring a recess snack
  3. bring an easy to eat lunch (No Thermos lunches)
  4. bring a water bottle
  5. wear comfortable clothing, we will be playing in sand

If you are a driving, I sent home a letter yesterday explaining our schedule.

  • Please meet at Anderson at 10:15-to get the students and booster seats organized in your car
  • we will be leaving Anderson at 10:30
  • Arrival time at 6 Pack Indoor Beach (approx. 10:45)

If you haven’t filled out the volunteer parent driver form, you will need to get one from the office and get one of the principals to sign the paper.  Please keep a signed copy in your car.

And for all of you following the EURO Cup as I am….. Go Germany!  They played amazing today and won!  More big games this weekend!

Please make sure your child brought home his/her report card.  They were handed out today.

See you and have a nice weekend,

Mme Rode

French songs on Youtube

Hello Division 19,

My neighbor who is also a French Immersion teacher told me about this great Youtube channel that has all sorts of French songs on it.

Her channel on Youtube is: la chaine de Mme Duckworth.  She has some wonderful kids songs with the lyrics too.

I also found this hilarious version of the three little pigs.  It is to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” but it tells the story of the Three Little pigs.  I was laughing out loud at this song.






Have a wonderful weekend,

Mme Rode

Growing Chefs field trip

Hello all,

Due to my absence this week I have not been able to send home the driver confirmation pages.  I will be sending them home on Monday.  I just received an email from Chef Graham and he needs for us to come at 11:45 rather than 11 due to scheduling at the hotel. I hope this does not present a problem for the parents who have volunteered.

See you and Happy Father’s Day,

Mme Rode

2 new pages added

Hello Division 19,

I have added 2 more pages to the blog.  One page is dedicated to French dictée sounds and can be found under the main dictée page under the subpage: Ways to help your child.

The other page I added is under vocabulary with the subpage: Math.  It is 3D solids and the vocabulary names in French.

See you,

Mme Rode

Field Trip to the hotel

Hello Division 19,

Next Tuesday we will be going to the YVR Fairmont Hotel.  This should be an amazing field trip because we will be able to see our chefs working in the kitchen.

We are so fortunate to have enough parent drivers so this will be a FREE field trip.  For the parents who volunteered to drive, we will need to leave the school at 10:30.  Each child will be bringing his/her own booster seat for this trip.  When you get to the airport, please park in the parkade on the top level.  You will be given a parking voucher from the hotel for this excursion.  We will be leaving the hotel at around 1pm.

This will be our final Growing Chefs lesson.  The chefs will be presenting graduation certificates to the students.  As well, the students will get a chance to sample a stirfry and a pea soup.  I am still encouraging all students to bring their lunches as sometimes not all students like what has been made.

I will send a hardcopy information letter home later this week.

See you,

Mme Rode

Our plants!

Hello DIvision 19,

If you haven’t had a chance to peek in the windows and see our plants… they are!  I am always a bit skeptical when I plant seeds because I never know how well they are going to turn out.  Our beans have done very very well.  Check out the little purple beans that have grown in the past month and a half!

Picture 1: these are the flowers that are going to become beans.











Picture 2: Can you see the little beans?  They are purple!











Picture 3: A close up of the beans.











We will keep growing them in the classroom to see if we can get any more beans.  We will be using these beans for our stir fry for our final lesson at the hotel.  Can’t wait!

See you and please wear green for Ander’sun’ day on Friday!

Mme Rode