Math and more Math!!!

Hello Division 19,

As we wrap up our math unit on addition and subtraction (for now…) I have found some more resources to help support your child at home.  I will also copy this post and put it on my “For Parents” page and “Learning Resources-Math” page.

It is easy to play games with your child.  Today we used a deck of cards and played addition slap.  Get your child to explain the rules.  You can play with 2 or more players, it will just affect how many addends you have in the equation.

Worksheets are always great review but by making math into a game it makes it more fun for all!

Dice are always fun to play with.  Have you ever played addition Yatzee with your child.  Roll 5 dice together and whoever has the highest sum wins a point.  Fun times….

Here is a pdf document that was sent to me from our math consultant Carole Fullerton.  It has websites for math activities and how you can incorporate math at home, at the grocery store and outside.









MathWebSites (this is a pdf file)


Mme Rode

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