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Sandwich party!!!

Hello Division 19!

The Sandwich Party was a success.  What a fun and delicious way to end our nutrition unit.  A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who were able to help out yesterday!

This week we started our Measurement unit.  We started by looking at a calendar and the measurement of days, weeks and years.  The students made personal calendars this week and I hope you had fun adding all your special birthdays.  We are now looking at measuring the lengths of objects using non-standard measurement tools such as paper clips, glue sticks, string and other classroom items.  Have your child measure items in your house as well, it is so much fun for them and it is an easy activity for an inside rainy day!

A reminder that this upcoming Friday is movie night at Anderson.  The school will be showing the movie Happy Feet. I will send home an information sheet on Monday.

For all of those families who participated in the detailed class list, please check your email.  I have emailed you all the list.  If there are any others who wish to be part of the list and have not yet given me the information, please do so soon, so I can make changes and re-send the list to everyone. Again, this was not a mandatory list to complete, just for those families who are interested.

Have a wonderful weekend and for those families who are celebrating Chinese New Year, have a wonderful celebration.

See you all Monday!

Mme Rode


Reminder for the Sandwich Party!

Hello Division 19,

Tomorrow is our Sandwich Party!  What a fun way to celebrate healthy eating.  If parents are coming to volunteer, could you please come at 11:15.  We just need a bit of help getting everything prepared.  We will be having our party in Mme Fuchs’ room, down in the new wing of the school.

Reminder: please have your child send a piece of fruit for our fruit salad.

Thank you and see you tomorrow! Yum………

Mme Rode

School Newsletter and other info

Hello Division 19!

The school newsletter for January is ready to read.  Below is the word document of the newsletter.  There is always the link on the right side of the page that connects directly to the school newsletter on the Anderson School website.

January 2012 Newsletter

I have been adding more items to the blog.  As you know, lately I have been adding math information.  I have been trying to upload blackline masters and pages you can work with your child at home (on the Learning Resources Page).  I also added some games to the Links Page earlier this month.  Hope this helps and makes learning with your child fun.

Don’t forget about the sandwich party.  Parent volunteers are always welcome…the more the merrier!

See you:)

Mme Rode

Sandwich Party!

Hello Division 19,

For our final activity of our nutrition unit I would like to have a sandwich party.  Our party will be on Friday January 20th.  We will be making bunwiches so that we can tackle all the food groups in one go.

For this activity I will need parent volunteers from 11:30-12:15.  If you are able to volunteer, please let me know.

I will be purchasing all the food supplies and the cost for this activity is 2$. Please send the money to school before Wednesday January 18.  If a parent could help me collect the money that would be great.

For our dessert, we will be making a fruit salad.  Could you please send 1 or 2 pieces of fruit to school to help make our salad.  If possible could you please send a variety of fruit as in the past I have done this and ended up with lots of bananas and apples.

If your child has any dietary concerns or restrictions for sandwiches please let me know as soon as possible.

For a recap:

I need parent voluteers

2$/per student by Wednesday January 18

a piece of fruit

Thank you,

Mme Rode

Math and more Math!!!

Hello Division 19,

As we wrap up our math unit on addition and subtraction (for now…) I have found some more resources to help support your child at home.  I will also copy this post and put it on my “For Parents” page and “Learning Resources-Math” page.

It is easy to play games with your child.  Today we used a deck of cards and played addition slap.  Get your child to explain the rules.  You can play with 2 or more players, it will just affect how many addends you have in the equation.

Worksheets are always great review but by making math into a game it makes it more fun for all!

Dice are always fun to play with.  Have you ever played addition Yatzee with your child.  Roll 5 dice together and whoever has the highest sum wins a point.  Fun times….

Here is a pdf document that was sent to me from our math consultant Carole Fullerton.  It has websites for math activities and how you can incorporate math at home, at the grocery store and outside.









MathWebSites (this is a pdf file)


Mme Rode

“The list”

Hello Division 19!

I was wondering if there was interest for a detailed class list.  A couple years back, I had a parent who organized a detailed class list.  It was called “the list” because it was so helpful for parents who wanted to connect with others and to help set-up playdates, birthday parties etc……..  Parents who were interested shared their names, phone numbers, emails, child’s birthday.  Only parents who were interested were added to the list as some people are not comfortable sharing their information with others.

I know how hard it must be to schedule play-dates and out of school activities with other classmates so perhaps this might be a way to help.  I am just putting it “out there” to see if there is any interest.  If you are interested, could you please let me know personally either in person or a note in your child’s agenda.  If it is a go, perhaps I can get a parent volunteer to help get it all organized.

Mme Rode

Subtraction strategies

Dear Parents,

In class, we have been working on developing subtraction strategies in order to better understand how subtraction works (and to move away from counting on our fingers!).  Please look at the following PDF files to practice these strategies at home.  By practicing with your child, you are helping him/her develop his/her mental math capabilities.

Thank you and happy subtracting…..

subraction strategies 1

subtraction strategies 2

This PDF file shows the 36 subtraction equations that tend to be difficult to memorize.  By working with the strategies it helps your child understand how numbers are related to each other and how 10 is really a huge helper when adding and subtracting.

36 subtraction facts

Mme Rode

Happy New Year!

Hello Division 19!


Happy New Year and welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  This is a quick note to give you a couple of updates.  The newsletter will be up tomorrow on the blog, so check back tomorrow for more information.  I am also working on a mental math subtraction document that will help your child learn his/her facts in a meaningful way.

Also, due to the super wet weather we have been experiencing, please make sure your child has a spare set of pants at all times at school.  If by chance your child has taken his/her pants home, please send a new set back right away so if by chance your child gets wet again, they won’t have to sit in wet pants.  Thanks so much!

And don’t forget…..this Friday is Pajama Day (part 2) due to my absence for the first one back in December.

Check back tomorrow and I am so happy to see you all again!

Mme Rode 🙂