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Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

Hello Division 19!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Ava had a lovely day yesterday as she is slowly starting to understand the whole Christmas experience.  She had a lot of fun with her new toys as well as all the boxes that they came in.  Her favorite game was playing peek-a-boo with Allie in one of her gift boxes.  That had her laughing for quite awhile!    I have uploaded some pictures of her that I have taken this past week.

Ava was very interested in the advent calendar!  She loved that there was a little chocolate every day.  If she had her way she would have eaten all the chocolates at once!

Thank you to all so much for your generous gifts.  I am sorry I was not able to see many of you on that last week.  I was disappointed that I missed the pajama party so we will have “part deux” on January 6th!

Merry Christmas from Mme Rode and family


Last day of school for 2011!

Hello all!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is Pajama Day.  Please remind your child to bring or wear his/her pajamas to school tomorrow.  If your child wants to bring a little snack for the class please make sure that there is one for everyone in the class.

I am sorry that I missed the concert today, I know that the children sang beautifully.  We had practiced the song many many times.  If you have pictures, please have your child bring them to school tomorrow so I can take a look.

Being that tomorrow is the last day before the break, could you please send your child’s home reading book to school.  If you would like to continue reading over the holidays (please do!!!), the Richmond Public Library has an excellent selection of French books.

I will also work on the blog over the holidays uploading links for both parents and students so please keep checking.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Mme Rode

Mental Math addition

Dear Parents,

This week in math we have been working on Mental Math strategies.  Learning Mental Math is part of both the Grade 1 and Grade 2 curriculum.  Being able to do math in your head is a very useful skill and it helps children develop a better understanding of how numbers and operations are related to each other.  There are many ways to help your child develop their mental math skills in the area of addition such as:


  • being able to quickly add 1 or 2 to a number
  • knowing the friends of 10 (0,10-1,9-2,8-3,7-4,6-5,5)
  • learning the “doubles”
  • adding 10 to a number
  • adding to make 10, then add the others (5+7 -add 5+5 to make 10 then add 2 more to get twelve)

This image comes a website written by the Richmond School District Math Consultant, Carole Fullerton.  Her website is amazing!  She has lots of links to books and great games all dedicated to math.  If you are looking for a certain activity in math, just do a search on the top of her webpage:

Playing games with dice and cards are easy ways to help practice mental math strategies. Asking your child how he/she arrived at the answer also helps strengthen his/her understanding.

Here are some addition games.  All these games come from a book called “Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks.” This book makes teaching math a lot of fun!  Luckily I found the games typed out on the internet.  Thank goodness for Google!

Adding War

Make 20


I will follow up with a subtraction page later this week.  But for the meantime, happy adding!

See you,

Mme Rode

Gingerbread Houses!

Hello Division 19,

What a fun afternoon!  A big thank you to Nana Cat for being so generous and bringing the gingerbread houses to our class.  We had so much fun decorating.  There was definitely a “buzz” in the classroom and the excitement for Christmas is building.  It was so nice to have a group of parent/grandparent volunteers as well.  Thank you for spending your afternoon with us.  It is always nice to have extra help when doing special activities.

Here are photos of our houses.  I hope they last until Christmas, although I know that with all that candy it is very tempting not to have a little snack….

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

This week is the Christmas Concert.  It will be Thursday at 10:30.  We will be singing our song “Douce Nuit”.  I tried looking for a clip of the song online but I was unsuccessful.  I have also uploaded another Christmas song on the “Les chansons” page.  This song does have a Youtube clip.

Today the students worked very hard during language centers and we have finally earned out 10th point!  Hurray!!!  That means we will be able to have a class party.  The party will be Friday and we will talk about a theme for the party tomorrow.  Check back for more updates for our class party!

See you tomorrow,

Mme Rode

For all you little builders out there….

This was brought to my attention and I think it would be a fun activity to check out….

On the second Saturday of each month, Home Depot has a free building workshop for kids 4-12.  This Saturday, there is a workshop and the activity is “Build a Snowman Napkin Holder”.  Just walk past the public washroom all the way to the back of the store.

Here is a link to the website:

Might be worth checking out!
Mme Rode

Gingerbread Houses

Hello Division 19,

Next Monday (December 12th) we will be decorating Gingerbread Houses with Nana Cat.  We will be decorating the houses in the afternoon 1:30-2:30.  It would be wonderful if we could have some parents volunteers for this activity.  If you are able to help volunteer and if you have any cake decorating tools, such as a piping bag that would be great.  Les amis…..please bring a bag of small candies to school so we can decorate the houses.

This is such a fun activity!  Can’t wait……  Mme Rode

Fun activity for the whole family

This is a wonderful place for the whole family.  Right now the village is decorated for the Christmas Holidays and it has free admission!

Traditional seasonal entertainment, demonstrations, hands-on activities, exhibits from the early 1900s. Closed Dec 25/26.

Experience heritage. Stroll down the streets of our 1920s community. A village has been created with both heritage & replica buildings. Period costumed townsfolk give demonstrations in the homes, businesses & shops: watch the blacksmith at forge, listen to the rhythm of the platen press, mind the teacher in the schoolhouse, help churn butter & catch an old movie in the theatre. Be sure to take in the elegance of the Interurban #1223. This mode of transportation was ahead of its time. A ride on the 1912 CW Parker Carousel is sure to please.

Website:  [ ]